Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / December 04, 2008

In keeping up with the world of economic news, I ran across this article about the G-8. The new president of the G-8, Silva Berlusconi, who is also the President of Italy and media baron, has decided to expand the control of the G-8. Reuter’s reports Berlusconi said: “The G8 has as its task the regulation of financial markets… I think the next G8 can bring to the table a proposal for a regulation of the internet.”

It looks like to me with all of the bad news surrounding the world’s economy, the G-8 may want to address the problem from a different angle and that is to filter the last vestige we the people have to fully communicate. I sure they will start by saying they need to filter subversive content of the internet, the problem with that is who determines what is subversive content and who decides what is overall acceptable for internet publishing? Without the internet’s freedom, we will be locked into what they think is appropriate for general consumption, remind you of any one today, China and Iran, just to name a couple.

Before the internet and when a country took over another country during war, one the first things they would do is burn the books and imprison the intellectuals of the defeated country, to control the minds of the people, is this just another attempt to do what use to be standard practice post war? I don’t like conspiracies but when a powerful economic group goes outside the bounds of their stated charter and attempts to control a completely other responsibility, you have to raise a red flag, so that is why I published this.

Greg Goodwin



4 Responses to “Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / December 04, 2008”

  1. moliberty Says:

    Well commontater, I’m glad that there are at least two of us that realize the current destruction of our constitutional republic is taking place. It’s also good to know that more Poker Face fans are out there too.

    Thanks for being active,


  2. commontater Says:

    BTW, I’m a Poker Face fan, too.

  3. commontater Says:

    I’ll 2nd that (e)motion, sir! BTW, all this financial meltdown is a little like tptb conspiring against the “little people” and make us indentured slaves. Now, there’s a conspiracy for ya, eh? ;>

  4. Mo Says:

    As I’ve stated several times; there are usually no differences between an agenda and a conspiracy. One person can have an agenda. Two or more people can have an agenda.

    My interpretation of a conspiracy is… “When two or more persons agree on a certain agenda to practice nefarious acts, in order to promote the success of an individual or groups’ influence.” Laws are just nagging little details that will be dealt with according to the will of the perpetrators.

    We should remember that from 1910 until 1912, the notion of a Federal Reserve conspiracy was just that; a notion. Obviously the big bankers had an agenda before they went to Jekyll Island, Georgia for their Federal Reserve Summit. Then, in 1913 just before Christmas Break in congress, the Federal Reserve Act was made law, in the middle of the night, by a skeleton crew of representatives of congress assembled.

    That laid the foundation for creating the Central Bank, the IRS and also was the first “legal” move to eliminate money backed by precious metals in this country. The rest is history.

    Though precious metals were still recognized by institutions, we would learn that in 1971 that our monetary system would be controlled exclusively with fiat (paper) money, backed by nothing, with the exception of “We the People” paying the interest on borrowed money that our government didn’t have at that time. Now look where “We” are.

    In the early 1960’s J.F.K. introduced the U.S. Silver Certificate Dollars into circulation. He was determined to eliminate the private Federal Reserve. I guess the Federal Reserve wasn’t too happy with that move. Two or more persons agreed on eliminating that threat to a monetary monopoly. Personally, I don’t by into Arlen Spectors’ “Magic Bullet” theory anyway.


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