Greg’s News Letter, A letter to Congressman Zach Wamp / submitted, December 07, 2008 / Pearl Harbor Day (Remembered)

Greg Goodwin


To: United States Representative Zack Wamp 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee,

On this day of remembrance on the attack of Pearl Harbor I feel the need to address something that is attacking most of us, in not only the 3rd District but the nation and that is the economic situation that is consuming the working people of this nation.

I understand you are one of the rising stars in the Republican Party but the way Washington works, it means you are conforming to the way it does business, which is not for the country as a whole but for the economic (lobbying) powers behind the entire system.

I remember when you and the other junior Republican Reps. went to Washington and stated how things were going to change and they did, the system changed all of you to conform to the Washington way. I know you can say, we just don’t understand, if you don’t conform, things just don’t get done and I realize that for the existing system. But where are the true leaders when we need them and to lead may cause you to go against the system. To promote what is good for the entire country, not just the economic powers that control our government.

I and many others realize that both parties may have differences in things like social direction but the real direction for this and any other society is its economic system. The issue confronting our nation is that both parties and the economic system are controlled by the same entities. Where is our true representation for the betterment of the entire country?

Unlike Pearl Harbor, where we were attacked directly and we knew who the enemy was, this current war on the financial well being of this nation is not so clear. That is they work their influences behind close doors and finance their direction through the lobbying system. This has got to change or we will be relegated to this world system and the autonomy of this great nation will be lost. I remember about 6 or 7 years ago when J.P. Morgan financial empire stated, “In 20 to 30 years, the US economy will have little effect on the world economic system”. At the rate it is going, it won’t take that long.

You can argue we must be in the world economy and I agree but you have to realize that we have always been in the world economy, where American products were the most desirable products in the world until the rhetoric stated cheaper was the better way. With that we, with tax incentives from our government, transferred our wealth offshore which was the largest transfer of wealth, without a shot being fired, in world history. What has this government done to this country to satisfy the shortsighted bottom line mentality?

If you are a true free market capitalist, then why has the many hundreds of secret trade agreements been so one sided for advantage of the other side? At the point of the Dubai take over of our ports there was about 1200 to 1500 secret trade agreements Sec. Snow had penned without the American public knowledge, if they were for our advantage it would have been public knowledge. How many more have been penned since then and how many of them further fragmented our economy?

If you are a true rising star and leader, you must start with the unpopular direction with the economic powers and stand up for the entire country’s economy, not just them who have the inside track of influence on our government. If not, you will be playing into the hands of those who want the working people of this country on an equal playing field with the rest of the working people around the world. The main problem with that is we will have to drastically reduce our standard of living to meet the economically rising third world working class, to establish this one world consumer class, which is one of the main goals. The worst thing that will come from this is it will concentrate economic power into a smaller and smaller group of self serving entities and power brokers.

Time will tell if you and the rest of this Washington, government for the highest bidder, will pursue what is right for the country as a whole or just continue the current path of weakening the stature of the greatest nation humans have ever created.

I pray to God everyday this direction will change, for the wisdom of our leaders, and the betterment of all of us. All of our fellow citizens that have died and wounded fighting for this great nation did not sacrifice themselves to be relegated to just another entity in a world controlled by fewer and fewer self serving economic power entities.


Greg Goodwin



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