Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / December 12, 2008

Just to keep you informed, remember me saying many times that economic powers are getting smaller and smaller, concentrating this power into fewer and fewer people. This article is how Bernanke has shut out the presidents of the other Fed’s districts but I’ll bet you they listen and keep informed the New York Fed because they are the controlling district of the Fed. One question, what happens when the Fed reaches their limit on creating money?


It appears that there have been some investigations into this economic problem and who has been part of the scheme to save themselves with no regard to the fallout of the financial system. The same old thing we have heard about in so many aspects of today’s society and that is “I got mine”. These two articles, I believe, will be just the tip of the iceberg if these investigations continue.


Finally, the new big three are not the auto industry but are in the financial system. This article shows what the government’s bailout has created in the financial industry. All the focus is on the auto industry while these institutions are establishing control over the financial industry with government help with basically no restriction.


Greg Goodwin


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