Air Force Creates “Counter Blog” Response Plan To Quell Online Dissent / Steve Watson / / January 09, 2008

Because there’s a war on for your mind!


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One Response to “Air Force Creates “Counter Blog” Response Plan To Quell Online Dissent / Steve Watson / / January 09, 2008”

  1. moliberty Says:

    Well, isn’t it good to know that the government employees whom salaries we pay, are going to use electronic based-computer terrorism against the very folks whom pay their wages? How much more of this ironic crap are “We The People” willing to accept?

    Let’s start off with the word “Dissent”…

    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution “Forbids” the government from oppressing “the people” for their “Dissenting”. Of course, most, U.S. Military personnel either…1) Don’t give a crap about the Constitution that they swore to “Protect and Defend, to the Best of Their Ability”. Or… 2) Never learned or understood it when they took that oath.

    In either case; ignorance of the law is no excuse! I must note here, that the definition of the word “defend” must be explained.

    Definition of the word “Defend”… If somebody attempts to smack me up side the head with a two by four, I have the duty to impale them with whatever the hell I can get my hands on.

    Definition of “Offend”… If I decide to impale somebody because I “THINK” they “MAY” (as in, maybe in the future) attempt to hit me up side the head; that is an “Offensive” act.

    Now that we understand my eloquent definitions of the two words in question. Let’s look at the term… “National Defense”.

    Current Neocon Terminology of “National Defense”: To occupy and tyrannize any peoples, country or Nation State for the benefit of war machine manufacturers, world bankers, secret societies or just plain World Empire Building. It should also be noted, that in order to keep dissenters stifled, the powers that “is” will also need to impose tyranny against their own citizenry by removing the chains of the Constitution that prevents their government’s ability to turn into a dictatorship. That sucks, since “We The citizens” foot the bill for all of these unconscionable, unconstitutional and therefore illegal actions. The Emperor Has No Clothes.

    Governments do not have morals, they have agendas. People have morals (I believe the majority of folks do). Governments are micro-managed by Mega Corporations and the Global-Power-Elite. They lobby our “representatives; we pay the price.

    So, the “U.S. Military Think-Tank-Brain-Children” can attempt to stifle the power of the citizenry and the United States Constitution, but in the end, justice will prevail.

    Just keep in mind, the oath “YOU” took to “Protect and Defend”. The United States Constitution is a one million amp power supply, your in the chair and the constituents have an itch for the switch. We unwittingly pay your wages!


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