Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping The Middle Class Informed / January 10, 2009

As everyone knows I have been writing about the economic inequities in our country since 2005 and I am always disheartened and just plain mad when I see the latest round of inequities that are being perpetrated on the American people. This latest one astounds me to no end, the Food and Drug Administration’s lack of responsibilities to keep the American people safe from medical equipment that has not been fully tested and it either doesn’t work as stated, to the possibility of death from this equipment that has not been properly tested.

As we have seen in the last few years, the FDA has had many problems, from the salmonella in our vegetables to pet food contaminates and many other things that are too lengthily to mention here. This is just another example of how our government is not working for the people of our country but the lobbying pressures on all levels of our government. You can’t blame any single entity in our government, President, Congress, or the unbridled bureaucracy that runs the government on a daily basis but the accumulation of the entire system. It is obvious to me that profit has become more of a priority than everything else. Although profit is the greatest thing in a free enterprise system, profit with no responsibility is destroying the very fabric of our free enterprise system; it affects each one of our well being, whether it is financial or own health.

You know if I had a wish, I would wish for We the People take our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our 50 states and secede from Washington DC and start anew in Philadelphia, where this great nation for the people and by the people started and start over again and learn from the mistakes of greed and self centeredness. I know it isn’t possible but we must start somewhere and that is making Washington listen. You all have a computer, a telephone, and have postal service, so use them to tell our elected officials this current direction is destroying this, the greatest country know to man. Until we all get involved with our future, we will be relegated to what ever they decide is good for them, at our expense.

Greg Goodwin



One Response to “Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping The Middle Class Informed / January 10, 2009”

  1. moliberty Says:

    This is another “Perfect Example” to not trust any of the alphabet agencies within our governments; that includes state governments. They don’t give a crap about the people. All they care about is controlling the herds of sheeple, getting monies from manufacturers’ and producers’ lobbies and make excuses to keep their bureaucracies growing. And all the while making it virtually impossible to choose your own approved methods of physical preventive maintenance.

    I don’t buy anything that has the FDA seal of approval. Especially anything that contains fluoride or aspartame.

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