Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / January 29, 2009

Well this is just great, the first step of the $815 billion “stimulus bill” is on its way to increase the debt of the United States. With some of the provisions, it will take ten years to implement, so where is getting the economy jump started? You add the interest on this stimulus bill and it comes out to about $1.2 trillion. The only thing it is stimulating is the Democrats are flexing their liberal mussels. The Democrats, during the elections, where touting bipartisan co-operation when they take even larger control of Congress. They proved themselves, as many politicians do, not being truthful because there were no Republicans involved in formulating this bill, big surprise there.

The Republicans circled the wagons and not one of them voted for it. They did this because not that they are truly fiscally conservative, as we found out during the last administration, but because they have got to try to re-position their party to try to give an example of their true basic Republican ideal of being fiscally conservative, which we have learned, they are not.

Both parties like to spend money they don’t have and justify why they are spending our money. As I have stated many times in the past, both parties are just enablers for the self serving lobbyists. The lobbyists write the bills before Congress and Congress doesn’t read them but pass them because of lobbying influence. That is truly the way our Congress works. If you haven’t noticed, over the last 10 to 15 years, the economic situation for the people of our country has been going down. It has gone down enough now that just about everyone is being affected by this down turn in the economic direction of our lives. Just about everything the government has done is the direct cause of this disaster and both parties are to blame.

From the deregulating the financial industry to implementing socialistic directions in many facets of the governing of this country, we have lost our representation for us, the people who are going to end up paying for all of this. Until lobbying is taken out from behind closed doors, we will not have our voice heard. Please get involved and write, call, or email your representatives in Washington and tell them to work for us, not the lobbyists, we are the people who they are supposed to be representing. If you want my essay I wrote in 2005 to come true, inaction by the American public will insure we will become a third world working class nation.

One final note, tomorrow 1/30/08 at 8:15 am EST I will be answering questions, from listeners, on the overall economic status of our economy, on Troy Derengowski’s radio show Talk Back. If you want to listen go to and click on “Listen Live” and if you want to call in and ask me a question call 1-888-310-9466. Thank you.

Greg Goodwin


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