Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed-February 25, 2009

This economy has gotten so out of hand I had to bring everyone up to speed on what and who is affecting this disaster and who will be benefiting from it, you know it won’t be us.

First off we need to look at the Federal Reserve who is one of the main reasons for this disaster. This article will give you a comprehensive and sometimes satirical look at them.

Next you need to see the “Primary Dealers” of the New York Fed. The New York Fed is the controlling Federal Reserve Bank of the entire Federal Reserve System. Notice one thing and that is look at the names of the financial institutions and see as I did, they are the ones that have been getting the majority of the bailout money and direct capital injection. Nice little good ol’ boys system.

Finally, here are a couple of very interesting videos. They are Glenn Beck talking to Ron Paul. Which brings me to point I have been meaning to say, there are only 2 news personalities that actually talk about the details of this financial disaster. The first is Glenn Beck radio and TV. He is on radio at 10:00am EST M-F and Fox TV at 5:00pm M-F EST. The second is Lou Dobbs on CNN (yes CNN) from 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST and his radio program 3:00pm EST. Both radio programs can be heard on web casts.


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