“We Surround Them” Comming Fri. March 13th, via Glenn Beck and the Fox News Network

I would like to tell everyone about something that is happening Friday March 13th on Glenn Beck’s TV show on Fox News Network at 5:00 pm EDT. It is called “We Surround Them” and he will be going over what is happening to this country economically and socially.

He is having meetup groups all around the country to for this one hour special and will be doing remote broadcasts around the country. Find one in your area, which is usually a restaurant or meeting room and it is a good time to meet other people and discuss what is happening to this country of ours. Folks, we have got to get involved with the direction the country is going, it is up to us to make certain that our voice is heard, through grass root groups such as this, to the people running this country. This is the link he has in regards to this special:


Greg Goodwin


I know of two meetups that are being held.

1. Richmond Indiana – WHON radio will be telecasting it live, 930 on your AM band and on their streaming audio at http://www.930whon.com/

2. Knoxville Tennessee


Meetup Reminder

The Knoxville WE Surround Them Meetup Group

Your group has a Meetup Friday, March 13, 2009 5:00 PM!

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