A “Post Tea Party Message” From: Mark West-April 16, 2009

Fellow Chattanoogans and other area supporters:

Let me thank all of you who attended the Chattanooga Tax Day Tea Party Protest on April 15th.  Your overwhelming show of support, which by many estimates tallied at or above 2,000 Protesters, was and is a clear and strong statement to our local, state and national governmental leaders that the Silent Majority has become the Vocal Majority.  No longer will we sit by apathetically or silently and allow our elected officials to make promises at home that are easily and quickly broken when they rush off to Washington (or their state or local offices)!

My commitment, and I trust yours as well, is that we will hold our elected officials accountable to sound, common sense fiscal policies — those I choose to call Economics 101.  Simply put, Economics 101 is those financial principles by which you and I have to manage our personal lives:  Spending must be less than Income — plain and simple!  No ifs, ands or buts.  One can get more technical if they like, but the bottom line is this:  When your outgo exceeds your income, sooner or later you are destined for financial destruction.   And the reality is that at the present rate of spending in Washington, that “later” is actually “sooner.”

I challenge each of you to become a “10 Minute CItizen.”  By this I mean, be willing to commit to at least 10 minutes a day or a week to the duty of holding your Congressman, Senators ad President to Economics 101.  Become informed (from sources other than the Main Stream Media “MSM”)!  Recall that it is the MSM that has either largely or completely ignored the hundreds of thousands of Tea Party Protesters on April 15th.  And it is the MSM that has purposely marginalized or defined us as “crazies, radicals, partisan, sore losers” or even worse.  Get your news from the internet or fair and balanced news stations.  Check this site regularly for key info relative to pressing legislation…


First and foremost we are all Americans.  And if you join us, you are part of a grassroots, non-partisan movement  that is committed to changing Congress’ views and votes, or changing Congress’ members.  Their votes will determine whether they will remain employed by our tax dollars the next time they are up for election or whether they become an unemployed, ex-civil “servant”.  It’s that simple and they must hear this message every time they drive one more nail into the coffin of our nation by heaping on more taxes, spending and debt!

So, please register with us and become an integral participant in this movement.  Tell your friends, neighbors and family members to check us out and join with us as well.  It won’t be easy but all things worthwhile are worth fighting for.  Won’t you join us in this battle?

Promoting Liberty and Restoring Values….

Mark West

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