Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed-May 24, 2009

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May 29, 2009

Hello again folks, I have been working on a campaign video that has been consuming my time. I can’t believe it has taken hours and hours of work for a 4 minute and 54 second video. Now that it is complete, I hope to have it on my website, which the website is currently in process to be online soon, thanks to Bryan Haddock.

With all that has been happening with our newly developing government controlled economy, we need to not only look at what the government has been doing but another very important aspect of the economy. That is what I have wrote about many times and that is the reduction of the anti trust laws that govern the size of corporations that control most aspects of the key parts of our entire economy.

Without these laws, that have been relaxed over the past number of years, these huge conglomerates have been able not only to control large aspects of the markets they are in but have huge resources to directly influence, through the governments local, state, and national, the laws which were in place to protect the economy from the very things that are happening. Their self serving laws and deregulation to enhance their financial positions with little to no regards for the economy as a whole, is what has lead up to this current financial disaster.

In order to better understand how the financial system works in our current state of “Capitalism” (this name has become a word for market control, I would rather use the words “Free Enterprise System”) I found this article that gives a very comprehensive outline how the market system really works.

I know this is a blog but with over 25 years of study I have done in the economics behind our political system, this guy is right on. This system has to be changed to be more competitive, competition instills innovation not only in the product or service that is being done but in the costs involved in doing business. Not controlled by the most economically influential, which is the current state of our economic situations.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



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One Response to “Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed-May 24, 2009”

  1. ahrcanum Says:

    Our sovereignty got sold a long time ago with NAFTA along with foreign investors owning everything from our roads to ports. China holds the most in our currency and gold- if their economy collapses so does ours.

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