A Non Partisan Organization for the people…

October 19, 2008

Downsize DC has a unique and effective way for us to let our elected public servant-employees know how we want them to vote on various bills in the House and Senate. They also provide the same conduit via the DownsizeDC.org “Contact Your Representatives” feature, to allow you to “Thank or Spank” your representatives for the way they voted on various legislation proposals. They encourage you to use your own words when addressing any bill or proposal that’s coming down the pike.

I’ve used the system several times. The last time I used it, was to convey my opposition of the $700 Billion Bail-Out. We, The People made our voices heard to our rep’s, and actually helped to stifle the first version of the Bail-Out. Unfortunately, the “Arm-Twisting” applied by the special interest lobby prevailed, allowing the second version to pass.

At least we won a battle. I truly believe that DownsizeDC.org helped make that victory possible. Please visit DownsizeDC.org and check it out for yourself. DownsizeDC does not charge for membership, though they need and appreciate our donations.

-Mo Kiah

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