The People Will Be Heard

October 19, 2008

It’s my intention to bring the real “Enemies of our Constitutional Republic” into the spotlight of reality, and treat them as the cancer that they truly are. I apologize for not knowing how to use the blog as it is originally intended. I know very little (actually none) of how to use the interactive comment section of this blog. I do hope somebody can show me how to use this protocol, so I can get opinions from folks and really start to disseminate information on a large scale.

I’ll continue the news link format of this site to help folks get the information that most (if not all) mainstream media outlets omit from their so-called news. Hopefully, folks like yourselves will be contributing to this effort.

I am a Constitutional Libertarian, and am determined to help restore our Constitutional Republic.

Yours in Liberty,

-Mo Kiah

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