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Sheriff Mack Needs 18, 2009

May 18, 2009
Did you know. . . . .. The feds only have three law enforcement responsibilities granted to them by art.1 section 8 of the Constitution. They are: felonies committed on the high seas, treason, and counterfeiting. That’s it.
The local county sheriff can keep the feds from pursuing any other activity outside of those prescribed duties. The sheriff has sworn an oath to uphold the constitution for the safety and protection of his or her electorates. To carry out his or her duties as sheriff, he or she must refer to the 10th amendment, which states that all powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, are reserved to the states or to the people. (Slightly paraphrased)
So when the feds act outside their proscribed constitutional authority, it is the responsibility of all State and Local Officials to disallow such behavior. In Mack v US Justice Scalia states: “The great innovation of this design was that our citizens would have two political capacities, one state and one federal, each protected by incursion by the other.” So who protects the citizen from federal incursions? State and local officials!
Sheriff Richard Mack’s book and his lawsuit against the feds, which he won at the Supreme Court level get much more specific than this. Sheriff Mack’s case supersedes the Castaneda case and makes it very clear that the “states are not subject to federal direction.”
Sheriff Richard Mack won the Brady Bill case at the Supreme Court against the Fed. Government to reverse Gun Control that Clinton’s Administration tried to force upon us years ago. Sheriff Mack has a brief video that you need to watch to support his new mission:
Following the Katrina disaster, police and military were put in action to test how far citizen’s rights could be violated without any backlash. The good side of that coin is there are now numbers of people waking up and an organization called the Oath Keepers has sprung up to educate police and military personnel to their responsibility to deny orders that are Unconstitutional. The Oath Keepers are preparing to preserve our Rights, but we must all help by getting the word out to everyone we know.
View an excellent Oath Keepers Video Clip– The Last Of The Mohicans Soundtrack:
All citizens and especially County Sheriffs should read Sheriff Mack’s latest book: The County Sheriff, America’s Last Hope. It is a MUST read and can be ordered for around $9 at
All proceeds go to funding the mailing of these books to Sheriffs in every American County. Sheriff Mack will need to raise $30,000 to mail these books. This man loves his country and knows that the County Sheriff is this Last Hope For Freedom in America. Please watch the videos and give what you can to support the cause of FREEDOM. If we lose our 2nd Amendment Right — We Lose Everything.
You may donate via this page: Or you may send a check or a piece of silver to: Richard Mack, P.O. Box 971, Pima Arizona 85543
This is very important to get out to as many people as possible as soon as possible. If you think this country will turn around without our individual vested energy, you are mistaken. WE MUST STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND DO IT NOW!!!!!
Men of honor


1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants or to subject them to military tribunal.

4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a state of emergency on a state.

5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to keep the peace or to maintain control.

9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

10.We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

(Read the full declaration here
OATH KEEPERS is an association of Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT just follow orders, will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic, so help us God. Our motto is:

“Not on Our Watch!”

East Tennessee Liberty:
Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty:

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Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed-May 07, 2009

May 7, 2009

(Poster’s Note: To read some of Greg’s previous newsletters, go to the side bar and click on “Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed-Archive”)


May 07, 2009

As the G-20 and many others have been telling us how warm and fuzzy this one world system will be, that we are all in this together, and other things to attempt of disarm and reduce our loyalties to the United States, here is another article that will you an idea of how people and governments around the world want to tell the USA what would be good for them at our expense:


As we continue to lose our autonomy to this one world system, I believe the current administration will be going it into warp drive to join these international governing and regulatory groups. With the end result of our position in the global community will be equal with all other countries, except of course the largest consumer nation.


I understand the world is getting smaller due to technology but my questions is why do we in the United States have to give up so much while much of the world is gaining economic and political power? Someone had to pay for this economic transition to this one world system and we are the ones who have and will pay for it. By shipping our industrial base out of the country, with the help of our government through tax incentives to do so, it supplied many countries around the world the economic base to compete for our sovereignty.


In other words, as they increase their economic position in the world economy and we are reducing ours, due to our industrial base being shipped off shore and we being the largest debtor nation, many more countries will have the economic where-with-all to influence our global and internal decision making processes. Bottom line, we are selling off our sovereignty for the benefit of the bottom lines of these huge international corporations and financial institutions, with the help of Washington’s unrelenting appetite to spend our way into indentured servitude to stronger economies like China and India.


Final thing, for you that live in the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee and other people in the East Tennessee area who are aware of Zack Wamp’s performance while in office, the Republican Liberty Caucus has asked me to attach a survey they are producing. Go to it and please answer the survey questions, thank you.


Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



Liberty Coalition Update-April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009

Bookmark Liberty Coalition’s homepage to keep up to date with the ever growing American Movement towards Liberty and Freedom. With your participation, we can restore our republic.

Hamilton County Libertarian Party Update-May 03, 2009

April 24, 2009

May 03, 2009

Friends of Liberty,

It’s once again time for another edition of the HCLP Liberty Update
(ok, actually I’m a few days late; I apologize … it’s been a very,
very busy week).

As always, if you know of anything that might be of interest to
members of the Hamilton County Libertarian Party (and since we are
providing a home for some folks in North Georgia that don’t have local
LP affiliates, that includes those areas as well), please let me know,
or feel free to send an email to the group at

1. Libertarian Party of Tennessee 2009 Convention – The TnLP
Convention was held this past weekend in Knoxville. Approximately 40
people, including our own Mo Kiah, were in attendance. John Sebastian
was been elected to serve as the TnLP Chairman. John replaces Tony
Wall, who stepped down after serving for the last two years. Izaak
Standridge was elected Vice Chairman; he replaces Charles Wilhoit who
was appointed last July to fill the position after the resignation of
Christian Wilson. Ray Ledford and J.R. Enfield will continue to serve
as Secretary and Treasurer. Many thanks to Tony Wall and Charles
Wilhoit for their service!

A brief article about the Convention, including a photo of our new
officers, can be found here:

Video of some of the presentations is also available on the TnLP web
site (

2. Chattanooga City Council – I was unable to attend this week’s city
council meeting, and it looks as if I won’t be able to attend the one
scheduled for next week either. The agenda for next week’s meeting has
been posted here: The minutes of this week’s
meeting are also available online (earlier than normal!) here:

3. Letters to the Editor/Local Talk Shows – From time to time, people
ask me how they can work to advance the cause of liberty locally. One
easy way that doesn’t take much time is writing letters to the editor
or call locally-produced talk shows. When writing letters, short (200
words or less) letters that address one topic are more likely to be
published. Be sure to use the word ‘libertarian’ in your letter
somewhere. Good luck!

4. Audit the Fed – H.R. 1207: Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009
( – There are now *112* co-sponsors of this bill!
The bill is now in the House Committee on Financial Services; we need
it to get out of this committee so that the House can vote on it.
Please take some time out of your day to call or email Barney Frank,
the Committee Chairman and other members of the committee and ask them
to support this bill. You can find a list of members here (
; under “Step 2: Financial Services Committee”).

Tennessee Folks:
TN District 3 Rep. Wamp and TN District 2 Rep. Duncan are already co-
sponsors. For those of you who are in District 4, Rep. Davis has not
signed on as a co-sponsor, so take some time to call him or write him,
and perhaps we can convince him to sign on as well! If you’re not sure
which district you’re in, you can find a map of TN House Districts
here ( and a list of Representatives here (
) along with links to their web sites.

North Georgia Folks:
GA District 9 Rep Deal is already a co-sponsor of the bill.

If your representative is already a co-sponsor of the bill and you
haven’t already done so, let them know you appreciate what they’ve
done! Let’s make sure that our reps don’t just hear from us when we’re
unhappy with them.

5. Tennessee 10th Amendment Sovereignty Bill/HJR0101 – This bill is
currently in the House Subcommittee for Civil Practice & Procedure. It
was to have been considered this past week, but due to time
constraints has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 5. Please take a few
minutes to let committee members know how you feel about this bill;
you can find a list of members here (

That’s all! Hope everybody has a great weekend!


Jeremy Clifton
Chair, Hamilton County Libertarian Party

Flat / Fair Tax? Be Careful What You Wish For

April 22, 2009

The problem is not the government’s method of procuring (stealing) our compensation for services rendered to our employers. It’s the thievery that must stop.

Check out the link

Libertarian “Prosperity Plan” repeals income tax, ends corporate welfare | Libertarian Party-April 14, 2009

April 19, 2009


WASHINGTON — The Libertarian Party seeks to abolish the income tax, enact a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution and eradicate corporate welfare under an ambitious three-point legislative plan unveiled by America’s third largest party Tuesday.

“Tens of millions of Americans are angry, fed up and demand real reform,” said William Redpath, Libertarian National Committee Chair.  “The Libertarian Party is the only party that agrees with those tens of millions of Americans that government should stay out of both their pocketbook and their personal decisions.”

Take Action Report for Tennesseans – Anti-Real I.D. Legislation on Floor in Tennessee House & Senate

April 9, 2009

Motions to reject 1984-type Big Brother legislation (National I.D. Cards) need your input! Contact your TN rep’s and let them know that Big Brother is way too big and intrusive already, let alone the unconstitutional Real I.D. Act. We can take care of our own without the expense and intrusion of Big Brother. That’s what the tenth amendment is all about!

via the Libertarian Party of Tennessee

Check out 06,2009

April 8, 2009

Massive Checkpoint Operation in Tennessee Violated Posse Comitatus, Fourth Amendment

Financial Terrorism and You – April 01, 2009

April 1, 2009

Financial Terrorism and You

Sean Brodrick

Can we just drop the pretense and start calling the bank bailout what it is: Financial terrorism.

Terrorism can be defined as achieving one’s aims through fear. And it sure seems to me that bankers and their friends in government are extorting money from the taxpayers (you and me) with a threatening “or else” that goes something like this: “Give us the money or the entire financial system will implode.”

And as we fork over the extortion money, these corporate gangsters put us on the hook for trillions of dollars MORE.

Obama's bailout of AIG is just one example of Washington robbing you of your hard-earned money under the pretext of 'fixing' the problem.
Obama’s bailout of AIG is just one example of Washington robbing you of your hard-earned money under the pretext of “fixing” the problem.

For example, AIG posted the largest quarterly loss in American corporate history — $61.7 billion — for the final three months of last year. That means the company lost more than $27 million every hour. That’s $465,000 a minute, or $7,750 a second.

As a result of its losses, AIG has been awarded hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars. Otherwise, we’re told, the company’s collapse could devastate the economy.

And that’s just ONE of the companies robbing you of your hard-earned money under the pretext of “fixing” the problem.

In fact, one of the ways we know this is financial terrorism is that the steps being taken to “fix” the problem aren’t fixing a single thing.

The Roots of the Crisis
Go Back to 1999

Glass-Steagall was passed after the Great Depression, the last time outrageous financial chicanery brought our country to its knees economically. This law placed a barrier between everyday banking, such as lending and deposit-taking, and riskier areas, such as derivatives trading.

But the law was repealed in 1999, thanks to lobbying by the very companies we’re bailing out now. And the effort was midwifed by Phil Gramm, a laissez-faire-lovin’ Republican senator from Texas who co-authored the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that repealed many key provisions of Glass-Steagall.

Gramm quit the Senate to go work for UBS AG, one of the beneficiaries of the repeal. I believe that kind of thing — passing a law to help a future employer — should be illegal. We can only be thankful that Gramm didn’t go on to higher office — he was an advisor to McCain’s Presidential campaign and probably would have ended up as Treasury Secretary had McCain won.

But this isn’t just a Republican problem. Oh, if it were only that simple. You see, there were shady characters on both sides of the political aisle in this terrorism caper.

Instead of Gramm, we got Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary. He’s a protégé of Robert Rubin, former co-CEO of Goldman Sachs and one-time Treasury secretary in the Clinton administration, who went on to work for Citigroup after whole-heartedly supporting the Glass-Steagall repeal. Due to the current financial crisis, Citigroup lost $27.7 billion last year and has needed $45 billion in government funds to stay afloat.

Internal Sponsorship

For the first time ever, we’re inviting you to join
as we tell Washington:


Washington and Wall Street THINK they have the solution to the current financial crisis — they want YOU to foot the bill! Think that’s unfair? So do we!

Join us for an online national press briefing where we plan to tell Washington exactly what we think about their bailout strategy, as well as give you the steps to take for your own personal bailout.

Click here for more information …

But Wait, It Gets Better!

Clinton had more than one Treasury Secretary. And the last one was Lawrence Summers. At the time Glass-Steagall was repealed, Summers said:

“Today Congress voted to update the rules that have governed financial services since the Great Depression and replace them with a system for the 21st century. This historic legislation will better enable American companies to compete in the new economy.”

Good thing Summers isn’t around anymore, eh? After making such a colossal mistake, he wouldn’t dare to show his face. Oh wait — would you believe he is now the Director of the White House’s National Economic Council?

In other words, one of the persons who got us into this mess is now in charge of fixing it! Isn’t that like hiring an arsonist to put out your house fire?

And people wonder why I’m pessimistic.

You may have heard Washington officials say on TV: “No one could have foreseen what would happen.”

Except that someone did foresee EXACTLY what was going to happen. When Glass-Steagall was up for discussion, Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) made an impassioned speech on the floor of the Senate, asking his colleagues NOT to repeal the regulation. He said:

“I think we will look back in 10 years’ time and say we should not have done this but we did because we forgot the lessons of the past, and that which is true in the 1930’s is true in 2010. I wasn’t around during the 1930’s or the debate over Glass-Steagall. But I was here in the early 1980’s when it was decided to allow the expansion of savings and loans. We have now decided in the name of modernization to forget the lessons of the past, of safety and of soundness.”

Only eight senators opposed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley repeal of Glass-Steagall:

  • Richard Shelby (R-AL)
  • Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
  • Richard Bryan (D-NV)
  • Byron Dorgan (D-ND)
  • Russell Feingold (D-WI)
  • Tom Harkin (D-IA)
  • Barbara Mikulski (D-MD)
  • Paul Wellstone (D-MN)

If your senator was around in 1999, and he or she isn’t on that list, you can be fairly certain that your senator does the bidding of the Wall Street banksters, not you.

While Wellstone is dead, I find it interesting that none of these other, prescient senators have been tapped by President Obama to fix the crisis. Instead, all roads to high-level White House financial appointments seem to lead through Goldman Sachs.

The Goldman Fix
Is in …

The original plan to bail out AIG was dreamed up last fall at a meeting run by then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. Paulson had been CEO of Goldman Sachs before becoming Treasury Secretary. Also attending the meeting was Lloyd Blankenfein, the current CEO of Goldman Sachs and Tim Geithner, then head of the New York Fed.

Paulson and Geithner set the stage for Goldman: AIG was not going to fail.
Paulson and Geithner set the stage for Goldman: AIG was not going to fail.

AIG was not allowed to fail — remember Geithner has taken both bankruptcy and nationalization off the table. So AIG’s trading counterparties are being paid 100 cents on the dollar.

Much of the $170 billion bailout AIG has received has gone to pay off obligations to Wall Street banks, such as Goldman Sachs. Goldman has maintained that it got no bailout money from the Treasury, apart from the $25 billion it was “forced” to take. But in fact, it received at least $13 billion through AIG!

It’s almost as if Goldman knew that the money would be coming.

Along with Goldman, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Barclays are all recipients of AIG’s payments to its former trading partners.

Former New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer — who knows a thing about financial shenanigans — recently wrote:

“The appearance that this was all an inside job is overwhelming. AIG was nothing more than a conduit for huge capital flows to the same old suspects, with no reason or explanation.”

You can read Spitzer’s two articles on the AIG fiasco HERE and HERE.

So here’s where an administration’s spokesperson says on TV: “Well, it’s a mess, but we’re doing our best to fix it.”

Are they? Let’s look at the track record (in both the Bush and Obama administrations) …

* No serious attempt at re-regulation. You’d think the first order of business would be to reinstate Glass-Steagall. The Obama Administration hasn’t done that. In fact, while Secretary Geithner recently proposed “sweeping” changes to Federal regulation of the financial system, Glass-Steagall wasn’t part of the package.

* Goldman Sachs’ unprecedented access to the corridors of power in D.C. continues. Another former Goldman Sachs employee, Gary Gensler, has been nominated to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

* Not even a token attempt at justice. Where are the indictments? Why aren’t we seeing Wall Street executives frog-marched to the paddy wagons? And don’t tell me about Bernie Madoff — he was a rogue operator who turned himself in, not the head of one of the major Wall Street banks that have ripped us off through systematic pillaging. Indeed, everything I see tells me that our government is a willing co-conspirator with the robber barons.

* The looting continues. In just one example, Citibank and Bank of America are now using the TARP funds they received not to extend more loans as they were supposed to, but to buy up more of the toxic debt they’re supposed to be getting rid of! Why? Because they know that, under Geithner’s plan, they will be able to sell the toxic debt at a substantial profit as the government props up the market for those troubled assets. These banksters are speculating with the same taxpayer money that was supposed to pull them back from the abyss.

* The threats continue. In the Bush administration, Treasury Secretary Paulson was able to get his original bailout package passed by Congress in a very simple manner. According to Representative Paul Kanjorski, the Capital Markets Subcommittee Chair, Paulson told them, with a great sense of urgency, that there was an electronic run on the banks. And if Congress didn’t go along with Paulson’s rescue plan, Kanjorski recalled being told, “It would have been the end of our economic system and our political system as we know it.”

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again. Geithner recently told the House Committee on Financial Services: “The U.S. Government does not have the legal means today to manage the orderly restructuring of a large, complex, non-bank financial institution that poses a threat to the stability of our financial system.”

Geithner could be sincere, in which case, we are in a very dire situation indeed. I’m just not sure he’s the right man to reform the system, because I can’t tell whose side he’s on.

After all, last week, the Obama administration urged the U.S. Supreme Court to stop New York and other states from enforcing their fair-lending and other consumer-protection laws against federally chartered banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo & Co. This is the same position that the Bush administration had and a slap in the face for consumer and civil-rights groups.

Our government is going to have to choose whose side it is on. It’s a choice that — if not correct — could bring this country to the brink of anarchy.

Could We Go the Way of Argentina?

Desmond Lachman — former chief strategist for emerging markets at Salomon Smith Barney and a long-time official with the IMF — recently wrote in The Washington Post that comparing the economic crisis in the U.S. to Japan’s “lost decade” was wrong. Instead, he said a better comparison is to Argentina, Russia, Thailand, and other countries that collapsed both economically and politically, weighed down by their own corruption.

He wrote:

“Watching Goldman Sachs’s seeming lock on high-level U.S. Treasury jobs as well as the way that Republicans and Democrats alike tiptoed around reforming Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae — among the largest campaign contributors to Congress — made me wonder if the differences between the United States and the Asian economies were only a matter of degree.”

From what we’ve seen so far, the only response to the catastrophic collapse of major American financial institutions is to try and reinflate the balloon with our tax dollars. There is no serious attempt at reform. And without that, there can be no real recovery. And Lachman’s words could come back to haunt us.

Physical gold can be a good investment for economic hard times.  But it isn't the only investment you might consider.
Physical gold can be a good investment for economic hard times. But it isn’t the only investment you might consider.

What to Consider Investing in When Your
Government Is in Danger of Collapsing …

Physical gold and silver are good investments for economic hard times. But they aren’t the only investments you might consider. Cash is king, at least in the short run. And I’ve spoken to people from Argentina who said what saved them during their country’s collapse was getting their money out of the country — in other words, investing abroad.

The trouble is, this time around, the entire world seems to be going down together.

Land is also a good investment, at least if you think the markets are approaching a bottom. My crystal ball is cloudy on that one.

As for the market, I think certain commodities, especially precious-metals related issues, still have a lot of promise. And if the markets tank, you can always play that move with inverse ETFs.

I think the best lesson is to be diversified. Spread your assets out. You can hope for a speedy recovery, but be prepared for a long-term downturn. When the government isn’t seriously addressing the problems we face, that’s probably the best you can do.

All the best,


P.S. For daily updates on gold and more, check out my new blog at

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Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed-March 09, 2009

March 9, 2009

Just So Everyone Knows Where I Stand in my run for the US 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee.

* States Rights – The ever growing influence of Washington on individual states has got to be curtailed, the economic burden by Federal Governmental mandated programs is adding to this economic down turn in state budgets. It is not the Federal Government’s mandates to provide social, moral, and economic direction for the individual states.

* Work with state and local leaders to find new ways of attracting businesses to East Tennessee. Tax incentives are okay but we need to sell our people’s abilities in performing the work required for the jobs of potential companies wanting to relocate here. This can be assisted by trade specific training programs through state and federal training programs, working with the potential companies. We, as a country, will have to build things and sell things to begin to turn this service based economy around into a manufacturing based economy, once again.

* Lobbying Reform – With over 41,000 lobbyists and only 535 elected politicians, where is the representation for the American voters. I believe lobbyists should produce a public “Economic Impact Statement” stating their goals and costs with public repercussions for the lobbyists and politicians if proven misleading. A five year moratorium for politicians turning lobbyists.

* Remove the tax incentives for corporations to ship our jobs out of the country. Over the last several years, there has been the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, without a shot being fired. There has been a general misconception that we must embrace the new world economy. We have always been in the world economy where as our products were the most sought after in the world until the premise that cheap was the better way to go. We must give tax incentives for companies to stay in the US and hiring American workers.

* Small business is the backbone of our economy, reduced tax rates for keeping their businesses in the USA, hiring legal American workers, and elimination of capital gains for businesses smaller than $10 million per year in gross sales would help grow our small businesses in the USA. Currently 70% of the nation’s workforce works in small businesses.

* Re-instate the Anti Trust Laws back to where a corporation cannot influence an entire market by its percentage of ownership of a given market. Example: When the financial market and the government states we cannot let any of these financial entities fail or the entire economy will fail, is not the influence a corporation should have in this country. We can either break them up, there could be a precedence established in the 80’s by the breaking up Bell Telephone or a graduated tax system where the higher percentage in total sales in a given market, the higher tax rate the corporation will pay. This will assist in establishing competitive free enterprise again, not market control capitalism.

* Create a new Treasury Bond that stays separate from the normal bond market. It will be called an “Economic War Bond” for individuals which should have an interest rate 3% above existing prime rates. This will give real incentives to save and the Bond Program will be used to invest in our small businesses in our country by using those funds to invest in small businesses ($10 million in annual sales or less) that have shown profitability in the last 2 to 3 years and keep their operations in this country and hiring American workers. This 3% over prime will be offset by increased tax revenues from more small companies prospering and an increase of American workers working at good paying jobs. If our government and Federal Reserve can give TRILLIONS to the financial industry, with little to no oversight, then they can give us incentives to save and base our economy on real money, not credit. Credit maintains the control of the economy to banks and lending institutions, they have shown us they are not good guardians of the economy and a cash rich economy will be controlled by us, the buying public. This would also instill competition within the banking industry to compete with the government bond program.

* Review the 1500 plus secret trade agreements and re-negotiate them with our economy, as a whole, for negotiation, not just for the benefit financial powers that put our politicians into office.

* Regulate the credit card corporations where they must have interest rates that are aligned with the overall interest rates throughout the financial industries. This will make them qualify the people who they send the cards to, not just to anyone that can breathe. As with any other loan, the card holder must prove they are capable of paying for the credit card. When they have interest rates at 20% to 35% that is usury.

* Remove the secrecy from the financial industry, public disclosure is paramount of the investors of these corporate entities that have directed the changes that have caused these economic problems. This would include hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, credit default swap companies both insurers and the insured, and major stock holders of corporations. The CEOs are just guardians for the major stock holders.

* Secure the US borders and enforce our current immigration laws.

* Term Limits: Senators 2 terms = 12 years, Congress 4 terms = 8 years, Federal Judges (including the Supreme Court) = 15 years.

* Freeze all Federal budgets: Except for Congressional and Presidential declared national emergencies. The only way a department can increase their functional budgets is to reduce true cost within their departments. Current Deceptive Way They Use: If a department wants more money for operations, they request 20% increase and are given a 10% increase and state they saved 10% in their budget. When they are truly getting a 10% increase from the previous budget.

* Eliminate the off budget budgets. All things must be publicly budgeted on the government’s budget. At the end of the Bush Presidency the off budget size was the same size as the declared budget.

* Reduce the enormous amount of money needed for the election campaigns. This can be done through the FCC. Having a broadcast license is a privilege not a right. Networks must have time dedicated to the election process in all time periods, both national and local. I have a plan that goes into to much detail for this outline.

* The Social Security System was established for assistance for our citizens in their retirement years. We need to go back that being the basis of the program. Currently the politicians use it as a slush fund for what ever they think is pertinent to their wishes. Example: The wars in the Clinton and Bush administrations were, in part, funded from the Social Security System, not totally but major parts of them when they decided to go to war. The Supplemental Security Income must be reviewed and get people off the program, except the ones that truly need it. This whole program has been just an addition to the welfare programs that were established after the welfare system was revamped.

* Instead of labor unions, how about incentive programs on job performance. It would reflect the overall performance of the work force and when the company reflects a profit, the workers in all facets of the company receives a portion of the profits. Workforce safety standards are currently part of the government’s mandate. We must perform our duties as employees to better the financial position of who we work for, so each employee benefits from the company’s performance.

* Change the way the Federal Reserve does business. Included on in the Federal Reserve board must be representatives from the administration, the legislative and judicial branches of government, all with equal voting power on the board. No more private bankers running our monetary system without people’s representation in it. I would like to eliminate the Federal Reserve but it is not going to happen with the current way government functions.

* More public referendums at the Federal level. This will push us towards a true representative government. This will also give more interest in how our country is governed to the general public if they knew they had real input to the laws guiding our lives.

* 401ks and all retirement accounts have safe guards built into them that if their stock investments drop dramatically the accounts automatically changes over to the safest investment possible, i.e. government bonds and securities. Since the stock market has become a gambling casino and the extreme cycles of highs and lows, many because of the enormous size of the investment companies controlling the direction of the daily market activity, this would give more stability to the market if they knew 100s of billion of dollars would be coming out of the market. This would also reduce the impact the hedge funds would have on the market. It would also establish competition between the market place and government bonds.

* Increase tax deductions for corporations and individuals who donate to nonprofit programs that assist with people issues. Example: for every dollar donated they get two dollars in tax credits. This should go a long way in easing the economic burden of the government’s welfare spending.

*  No more wars started exclusively by an administration. It must seek Congressional approval before committing this nation’s military to war and it must have the Declaration of War before we commit, as per the Constitution. It isn’t just Bush, Clinton did it in Bosnia, Johnson did it in Viet Nam, and Truman did it in Korea. If there is ever an attack on the US, I guarantee the Declaration will be immediate. We can never attack a sovereign nation again, no matter how an administration wants us to perceive the danger. We were fooled once and the world responded by seeing the US as an aggressor nation.

* Education – Reading, math, science, and Constitutional American History must be a top priority in re-establishing our competitive edge in a free market society. Enough with teaching self esteem and have no skills to compete in the 21st century. Failure is the best teacher for improving ones self esteem because when a person fails at something, they learn not to do it that way again. Then when they have success, their self esteem will rise above anything coddling a failure can produce.

* Upon getting good paying jobs back into our country, we can work towards a single working parent and have the other parent full time raising of the children. This would instill unity within the family unit. This may also instill in children that TV and video games are not the answer for a fulfilling childhood because the parents would hopefully get them out of the house to be a creative individual.

* Global Warming: My belief on this subject is there is not enough data to support all of programs and taxes associated with this issue. I see an avenue for the government to bring in large amounts of ours nation’s wealth through taxation. These programs, I believe, will be a major contributor to the administration’s promise to reduce the deficit in half by the end of their first term. One thing we have seen though, once the government gets more money, they just spend more money. I have seen convincing data where the sun’s cyclical nature has more affect on the earth’s environment than anything man can or has done. We need to be cognizant of the earth’s environment but not the approach I am seeing. I see the way for the government to control more of the economy through taxation and further regulating our lives.

If you have issues with what I stand for, please email me  at…
with your concerns and I will respond to them. Thank you. Greg Goodwin 3/9/09