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Why Rep. Wamp and Mayor Haslam can NOT be Governor of TN! [or who I’m (NOT) supporting for TN Governor] by Matt Collins July 13, 2009

July 14, 2009

The following is contributed by Matt Collins. His credentials follow the article below.

Definitely a must read for folks who strive for accountability in government!

You’re kidding me. Our elected officials are supposed to actually keep their oath to uphold the Constitution? The supreme law of the land?

Yup, that’s it. It’s so simple; but these folks are hard to find due to “Special Interest Influence” and arm-twisting from the “Dark Side”.


<<I HAVE POSTED THE FOLLOWING AT: FEEL FREE TO COPY AND REDISTRIBUTE – citizens of TN should know about their candidates>>

Nothing I communicate is to be considered an official statement representative of any organization I belong to or am an officer of, including the Campaign for Liberty, Republican Liberty Caucus, WTN, Liberty on the Rocks, America’s Future Foundation, The Tennessee Liberty Alliance, Rand Paul for Senate, or the Davidson County (Nashville) Republican Party. My opinions are my own.

Why Rep. Wamp and Mayor Haslam can NOT be

Governor of TN!
[or who I’m (NOT) supporting for TN Governor]

The Davidson County (Nashville) Republican Party held our annual summer picnic Saturday (7/11); all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates were present. After speaking with each candidate individually I am still unsure who I am going to support, however there are definitely two of the candidates who have not only disqualified themselves, but should never hold and elected office again!

I‘ll start with Bill Haslam the Mayor of Knoxville.

In case you are unaware Mayor Haslam joined NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun coalition in an effort to curb crime in Knoxville. However Mayor Haslam then says that upon joining the coalition the leadership took a different direction and he withdrew from the organization. Fair enough and at the DCRP picnic Saturday 2nd Vice Chair Dan Davis and myself asked him about this issue. I wanted to hear the straight scoop directly from him in order to give him a chance to explain his actions before I decided.

Mayor Haslam discussed the story as I explained and he said his intention in the entire situation was simply to “stop the wrong people from having guns”.

I asked him “what kind of people are you referring to that you say shouldn’t have guns?”
And he responded with “felons, criminals, and those without a permit”.

Then I asked “so you believe we need a permit or permission to exercise a right guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment?
Mayor Haslam said “well, for handguns yes

That told me everything I needed to know; I thanked him for his time then I ended the conversation and Dan and I walked away.

What Mayor Haslam does not understand is that ONE DOES NOT NEED A PERMIT TO EXERCISE A RIGHT!!!
We have a right to bear arms that both the US and TN Constitutions guarantee shall not be infringed. Do we need a permit for free speech? Do we need a permit to print a newspaper? Do we need a permit to have a trial by jury? Do we need a permit to birth children? NO, of course not. Why? Because these activities are fundamental individual RIGHTS which cannot be taken away without due process (obviously those convicted of violent crimes should be denied their right to posses firearms). We do not need permission from the government to exercise our rights. If we have to ask permission, then it isn’t a right, it’s a privilege! Rights and privileges are opposites.

The idea that our right to self-defense, our right to bear arms, and that our right to buy/sell/own personal property is first contingent upon a governmental grant of approval is insulting to the very ideals of freedom on which the American Republic was founded. I suggest Mayor Haslam read the US and TN Constitutions because ignorance of both that magnitude and of that authoritarian mindset is dangerous to individual rights and to a free society. He is obviously unfit to govern if he cannot understand the simple and basic difference between rights and privileges.

(Upon edit apparently I am not the only one who takes issue with Mayor Haslam in this regard)

Continuing on to the other gubernatorial candidate, Zach Wamp, the US Congressman from Tennessee’s 3rd District.

Representative Wamp voted for the October ’09 bailout. Representative Wamp calls himself a conservative but one has to ask what is conservative about spending billions of nonexistent dollars, increasing the size/scope of the federal government, and voting against the US Constitution? As an aside it is worth noting that the bailout Representative Wamp voted for also included an audit of carbon emissions which laid the foundation for the coming cap-and-trade / carbon tax; next time you see him be sure to thank him for that.

All US Congressmen upon being seated are administered an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”. Nowhere in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution (the part that lists Congressional power) is the federal government given the authority to bail out banks, businesses, or mortgages. By voting for and supporting the bailout Congressman Wamp clearly violated his oath to support and defend the US Constitution. On those grounds alone he should be removed from office immediately, and personally I would like to see him, along with most of the rest of the members of Congress, either in jail or forced to perform restitution to those of us who are footing the bill for his unconstitutional action.

When one is entrusted with and given the awesome power to make laws governing the life and property of others, the abuse (or negligence) of that power is not only criminal, but amoral; Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary labels an individual “who betrays another’s trust or who is false to an obligation or duty” as a traitor. Does that denotative description fit Representative Wamp’s blatant violation of his oath?

Several DCRP officers and myself approached him near the conclusion of the Picnic because we wanted to discuss HR1207 (Audit the Federal Reserve Act). Representative Wamp extended his hand to me to shake it and I absolutely refused; I am not interested in being friendly towards those who violate the Constitution. To be fair he said that he was very supportive of HR1207 and that “we ought to do more than just audit the Fed….it’s the cause of a lot of our problems”. While I agree with the Congressman on that specific issue I honestly wanted to vocalize that the other cause of our problems were big-government Republicans acting like big-government Democrats such as himself. However in the spirit of, at minimum, being cordial, I held my tongue. But prior to walking away I did thank him for and told him I appreciated his support on HR1207. I still did not shake his hand.

Regardless of his support for a call of transparency in Auditing the Fed, the fact of the matter is that he broke the trust of the People of the United States by clearly violating his oath to uphold the US Constitution. One or multiple positive actions do not negate the fundamental premise of breaking the highest law in the land, usurping more power to the federal government, and going against one’s sworn oath. Even though Representative Wamp has called his vote for the bailout “a mistake” how can the voters continue to trust him after such a grossly grievous err in judgment especially considering the significance of the consequences resulting from his action?
At this point we have a candidate who has violated his oath, and another who is of the authoritarian mindset that the People need permission from the government before exercising their individual and guaranteed rights. I have 3 more candidates in the TN gubernatorial race to investigate before I decide who to support, hopefully at least 1 of the 3 will not disappoint me because the thought of voting for “none of the above” in the upcoming primary is extremely depressing– I refuse to vote for anyone who is going to increase government, or decrease liberty.

In conclusion it is prudent to ask if we attain smaller, more limited-government, more liberty, more personal freedoms, and less taxes by continuing to vote for elected officials that have broken our trust and ignore the Constitution? Should we reward politicians who take our money, our property, and our freedoms by elevating them to higher office? Should we continue to vote for more of the same? Upon a review of history, I think not. If the Republican Party, and ultimately the country, is going to restrain its government, we must vote for those who adhere to principles, not compromise them.

Matt Collins
principle before politics
Vice Chair Davidson County Republican Party
Vice Chair Republican Liberty Caucus of TN
Coordinator Davidson County Campaign for Liberty
Talk Radio Producer 99.7 WTN Nashville
Member America’s Future Foundation
Member Liberty on the Rocks

Nothing I communicate is to be considered an official statement representative of any organization I belong to or am an officer of, including the Campaign for Liberty, Republican Liberty Caucus, WTN, Liberty on the Rocks, America’s Future Foundation, The Tennessee Liberty Alliance, Rand Paul for Senate, or the Davidson County (Nashville) Republican Party. My opinions are my own.

Body scanners replace metal detectors in tryout at Tulsa airport / via- Liberty / February 18, 2009

February 22, 2009

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Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / February 20, 2009

February 20, 2009

I would like to thank Chris G. from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Tennessee for this video. The members of the RLCTN were privileged receiving this video, I thought all of the people receiving my newsletter should watch it, what a great video. I think it is such an important subject, with all the issues facing this country, we all need to be reminded of what our country’s government should be and the potential dangers if we let the current direction of the government and the economic powers influencing it, continue on its current path. Please send this video to as many people you can, it is a great 10 minute lesson on the Republic we are all blessed to live in. Thank you Chris G.

Greg Goodwin


Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / February 18, 2009

February 18, 2009

This is a good article on what this economic impact is doing to some countries of the world but this is also an uneasy article on what the Department of Defense is concerned about as this financial crisis deepens. As our news media does not report on the unrest that is occurring around the world due to this financial crisis, the Pentagon is watching it very closely and they are developing plans for the US Army to control civil unrest. Oh by the way, this is against the Constitution.

If you think I am going a little far out there with this article, click on the link “monograph” in the body of this article and then click on the Army War College link “Known Unknowns: Unconventional ‘Strategic Shocks’ in Defense Strategy Development.”

As all of you know who have been receiving my newsletter for a while, know that I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, but when I see something like this, I need to say something. Greg Goodwin 2/18/09

Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009

As I have been studying this global financial crisis, I came across these articles that will give you an idea of the possibilities of future economic issues that could face this country in a not to distant future.

It appears obviously to me, the central banks, in an effort to stem the tide of this financial collapse, have done very little to stabilize the system with the trillions of dollars that have been injected directly or guaranteed backing of financial institutions. The top down direction of this recovery process, the central banks and treasuries of the world, need to think outside the box of worrying just about the banking and the rest of the financial system. A balanced approach would be more in order, like using some of the recovery monies to directly support small and medium size businesses through not only tax incentives to expand but direct cash injection to these companies. As they grow so will the job opportunities. Remember, small and medium size businesses employ most people in our country not the large corporations.

These very large conglomerate corporations have become so large and so bureaucratic, they are like small governments within our economic system. Because of their size, they are not able to respond to the fast changing market places they are doing business in and they hold very significant lobbying power, influencing our laws for their benefit.

Some thing must be done to re-vitalize the working people of this nation, not just the banks and financial institutions. Just so you know, there is a push in the G7 and G20 to establish a one world banking system. I will be following up these developments that come from the G7 meeting in Rome this past weekend.

Greg Goodwin


Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Midlle Class Informed / February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

This video will give a view of what happened behind the scenes explaining why the Federal Reserve and the Treasury changed direction on the first bailout plan. It just proves that the financial industry had developed such complicated investment and financial vehicles; the government contends they didn’t understand what was going on. This is the Chairman of the Capital Markets Subcommittee and he doesn’t understand what is going on. When an industry gets so complicated they can manipulate the economic system for their advantage, knowing the government cannot understand or control it, it is time to do the very thing they do not want done and that is regulate it. Not to a point where it cannot function but insure transparency and full understanding of what the ramifications of what direction the lobbyists and the financial system is going. I don’t like controls by the government but when an industry can do what it has done to the economic system, we need complete understanding of what they are doing and regulate it to a point to stop this self serving motivation of greed. There must be economic responsibility to the nation and its people.

Greg Goodwin


No More Bailouts! / Sent to my rep’s via / February 09, 2009

February 9, 2009

We, the overtaxed, unrepresented, over-regulated subjects of servitude; better known as the citizens, taxpayers and property (owners?), are no longer willing to tolerate the “Drunken-Sailor Spending Habits” of our so-called representative government.

Every spending bill approved by Congress, Senate or implemented via Presidential Directives or Executive orders weakens the sovereignty of the individual U.S. citizen and places exponential monetary burdens on us and our grandchildren’s future. This spending frenzy does nothing more than ensure the demise of our Constitutional Republic. Cutting unconstitutional spending on “pork projects” is the “only” accountable means to restore monetary security in our country.

Central Banks created the beginning of this mess in the late 1800’s, then the implementation of the Federal Reserve back in 1913 took the reigns to ensure the United States would be run as a socialist-debtor-society, eventually removing “any” possibility of a “Free Market Society”.

We common folks out here continue to be relentlessly robbed of the fruits of our labor to prop up entities that fail to perform in a accountable manner. The Federal Formula is turned up side down. i.e. … “Steal from the taxpayers-bailout businesses that are supposedly “Too Big To Fail” (which in itself is an oxymoronic statement).

Constituents continue to scrimp and save, though saving anything is a thing of the past. Then we are continuously robbed by our representative government to further dig a monetary hole that is destine to only get wider and deeper.

The solution to this planned economic collapse is to drastically cut spending. Bailouts, even “For The People” must be stifled to let our monetary system repair itself.

Please… “No More Bailouts”!

Congressman Ron Paul, Texas – Speech and Statement – Statement on Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act / February 03, 2009

February 7, 2009

Greg’s Newsletter, How We Got Here and Where We Are Going / Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / February 07, 2009

February 7, 2009

I’ll begin in the 1990’s, when there was a boom in the financial markets, things seemed to be the greatest economic time in recent history. No, it wasn’t due to President Clinton’s financial policies or Al Gore inventing the internet, there were two major things that happened.

First, it was the proliferation of the internet and the development of entire new world wide business sector and that was the dot com companies. Secondly, it was the development of the 401K investment vehicles. With this surge in capital in the financial markets, the financial markets acted like a drunken sailor in the red light district who had been at sea for 6 months (sorry about the analogy but it fits). There seemed to be no limits on what the returns could be attained at what ever investments they decided to throw their capital at, which now they had all that money from the 401Ks.

As we have seen from today’s issues, the housing market as the dot coms, were over invested and over speculated. That means too much money was put into these markets relative to their true value. Then the derivatives market, better known in today’s vernacular are hedge funds,  invested in the down side, or the falling value, of this market, which everyone knew the dot coms were overvalued. The end result was a recession in the late 90s for the overall economy but the derivative market was booming because they invested in the down side of the value of the dot coms.

They were so pleased with their new found gains, the financial industry lobbied Congress and the end result was in 1999 the Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act was signed into law which de-regulated the financial industry and much of that de-regulation was aimed at the derivatives market.

To give you an idea the level of de-regulation that occurred, in the 90s, the dot coms got to a point where for every dollar of true asset value, there was ten dollars of speculation through the derivative market. So when the value of the dot coms dropped, it caused a recession in the dot com market which also marginally affected the entire economy because so many people and financial institutions were invested in it. But the derivative market was booming because they invested in the down side of the value of the dot com stock. All though this didn’t shock the economy as much as it currently has, it was learned through out the financial industry would be profitable no matter what the market was doing.

Instead of learning the balance between economic responsibility and greed, they took the route of greed and lobbied for less regulation in the derivative market. By following this lead, the derivative markets went after one of the very basic vehicles of our economy and that is housing. With the additional help from the Federal Government with the “everyone needs to buy a house no matter if you can’t afford it” mentality. Knowing long term, this would catch up with the economy, much investment was directed towards the housing market in these derivative investment vehicles. Remember from about 2000 to 2007 house flipping was the craze of those years and you could also borrow up to 120% of your house value. That is because there were Fannie May and Freddie Mac who would back about anything that was attached to property and all of the lending institutions knew the same thing.

By the latter part 2007, the cracks in the housing market were showing and property values started coming down drastically and that is when the house of cards really started falling apart. As stated previously, the over speculation in the housing market was instead of  $10 dollars of speculation for every $1 of asset value, as the dot coms were, it had grown to $35 of speculation for every $1 of asset value for the housing market. When this happened, the end of the boom ended like running into a brick wall and values of the housing market dropped and all of these different investment vehicles in the derivative markets sank like the Titanic.

This is basically how we got here and now, what I see, is were we are going.

I again, have been studying the economic system throughout the world. The reason is there are many international groups meeting to try to come up with a structure that will correct the current financial issues and the financial structures in the future.

Last weekend the World Economic Forum was held in Davos Switzerland, which ended Sunday February 1st, there have been a very interesting set of potential directions they have been coming up with, some good and some not so good. This is just one of the many international meetings that have been going on and there are many more coming up, like the G20 meeting in London on April 2, 2009. This one I will watching very closely.

The good part is, there is a general agreement that something obviously has to be done but the bad thing is how they are proposing to do it. I begrudgingly agree there must be some kind of regulation established in the financial and banking industries because it is obvious the current batch of leaders, in our financial and banking industries, have only self serving profit motivations with very little to none overall economic responsibility with the rest of the world’s economy. In other words, we are going to try to legislate the controls of un-regulated greed. Good luck, how do you regulate morality?

The thing I have been seeing the most in my studies of these international meetings is there seems to be a general consensus that a world regulatory authority needs to be set up. This truly not a good thing. I know I will hear it is a world market now and we must establish some world regulations. I 100% disagree, this is just another justification for a world central banking system and what we have seen to this point, the central banks haven’t been doing a very good job overseeing the banking and investment industries to this point. What this does, which scares the hell out of me, is put the control of the world economic system controlled by a hand full of central bankers and as we have seen, they have their industry in mind for recovery with only secondary thoughts of what is happening to the rest of the world’s economy. It is up to the individual nations to control their economies not a world banking system.

I am watching these developments very closely and will report my findings but it is up to each one of us to tell our elected officials that centralizing a world banking system will only lessen our autonomy in the world and we will have groups like the United Nations and others, dictating the economic future of  this great nation of ours.

Greg Goodwin


Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping The Middle Class Informed / January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009

I haven’t been writing my newsletter of late because I seem to have a case of writers block. I never believed it was a real thing but I guess I found out there is such a thing. Where it was such an easy flow of thoughts and now there has been a struggle to make it happen. I have even been asked if I took their name off of my email    list, no I haven’t removed anyone, just brain stall.

I did want to address something that is out of my normal writings and that is a question that has been concerning me. Have we so taken God out of everything in our society that we are reaping the rewards of that direction? Have we, in the recent past, been so consumed with money and self gratification that there isn’t enough room for God anymore, except for maybe an hour on Sunday? I am not trying to give a sermon but we really need to ask ourselves that because this nation was founded on the principal, “One Nation Under God”, not a nation fragmented with every “ism” people can come up with and God out of every aspect of society. It is a question we need to ask each one of ourselves.

Greg Goodwin