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August 31, 2009 12:27 pm

Unicoi Co. Commission backs state’s votes on guns
Reported by Jim Wozniak, Erwin Bureau Chief, jwozniak@johnsoncitypress.com

ERWIN – The Unicoi County Commission normally takes a dim view of the actions of state government, but last week the panel quickly voted to support a resolution that backed the Tennessee Legislature’s votes on guns.

“The Tennessee Legislature is commended for their recent passage of several laws lessening the restrictions on people keeping and bearing arms,” the county’s resolution states. “This legislative body (in Unicoi County) supports the rights of its citizens to keep and bear arms in conformity with the rights provided in the United States Constitution.”

The resolution was quickly adopted last Monday in a unanimous vote.

The resolution was the brainchild of Sheriff Kent Harris, who had been approached by Dr. Dan Moore about the idea of supporting the Second Amendment. He liked what Moore had in mind.

“Me and him had spoken about what was going on on the state level and different things about the Second Amendment, the Constitution, about the right to bear arms,” Harris said. “He wanted my opinion of it. I told him what my opinion is – that people have a right to carry a firearm. I believe in people’s right to bear arms.

“My officers have never bothered anybody that’s going armed unless they’re out here breaking the law. Law-abiding citizens, we’re glad they got a gun. We might need them to help us. Whether somebody’s got a gun permit or not, if we stop them and they tell us they got a gun and they’re good, why bother them?”

Harris said he has not had a major problem with anyone who has a handgun permit. He said he supports the handgun permit program even though he believes a person has a right to carry a gun without one.

Moore drafted a resolution that was presented to County Mayor Greg Lynch, who favored it, and County Attorney Doug Shults, who reworded it to comply with all of the laws, Harris said. Moore considered the resolution that was presented to the commission to be watered down, but he said the development nonetheless was positive.

“I’m very proud of our sheriff and the county,” Moore said.

He said he went to Harris because of the importance of the sheriff to protect the community against foreign or domestic invasion and the possibility U.S. residents would have their guns taken away. He said other sheriffs were not as supportive as Harris about the resolution.

“We just wanted to send a message to the world that our county strongly supports the Second Amendment,” Moore said. “(Harris is) setting an example for the other sheriffs to truly uphold the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the of the land, other than God’s law.”

Why is a county government delving into this issue? Harris said it was a sign of support for the state Legislature and to convey the belief that Unicoi County backs gun ownership.

Moore said he and others are planning a rally “for freedom” during the Apple Festival. Details have not been finalized, but Harris said topics include the Second Amendment, taxes and government waste. The sheriff said Moore has asked him to speak, and he has agreed.

“It’s all about the Constitution,” Moore said.

He and Harris said there is a constitutional movement occurring in Unicoi County. Moore said it applies to other parts of the country as well.

“People are tired of seeing their freedoms taken away,” he said


August 31, 2009 10:50 am

ET Liberty will meet on Wednesday evening 7-9 at the Jonesborough Pizza Parlor to discuss several pro-liberty events scheduled in the near future.   The reason for meeting a night early is the Congressman Phil Roe town hall meeting on Thursday night in Kingsport. It will be held at the Kingsport Center for Higher Education, 300 West Market Street, 6:30-8:00. Roe will also debate Congressman Boucher (Virginia) on the health care issue 5:30-6:00.   Flyers for the Sheriff Mack event at ETSU are posted at both www.etliberty.com and www.netlc.net. Please print and distribute them. Let’s have a standing-room-only crowd for Mack!   Planning for the Rally for Freedom in Erwin is proceeding with significant participation expected. I’ll send more information as details are finalized.   The Continental Convention election will be held on 10 October in Telford. See www.cc22009.us for information. Early voting is possible.   In Liberty,

PK Lowrey

Please read “The Future is Calling”

● Part 1: The Chasm

● Part 2: Secret Organization and Hidden Agendas

● Part 3: Days of Infamy

● Part 4: The War on Terrorism

August 10, 2009

Here is an announcement from Fred Childress:

State Sovereignty is a topic that I believe to be of critical importance as the creeping tentacles of federal tyranny advance. The state, in my opinion, is the best chance of a firewall before we are forced to fall back on to the final “fire”wall.

The Tennessee Liberty Alliance, a nonpartisan economic and political education organization, is sponsoring a presentation on State Sovereignty on Wednesday, August 12th. Rep. Frank Niceley will be the featured speaker. He will speak directly to the State Sovereignty and other legislative issues affecting the balance between rights of the sovereign states and the ever expanding, over reaching federal government.

Frank, a five term Tennessee Representative of the 17th district, is a well known, longstanding advocate of individual liberty and staunch defender of the rights of the sovereign states. This will be an interactive session.

The venue is Puelos Grill located on the east side of Knoxville at the Strawberry Plains exit. Space is limited – so please RSVP if you plan to attend so we can let the restaurant know the number to expect.

Socializing and eating begins at 6:00 PM with the presentation to begin at 7:00 PM. The meeting will conclude no later than 9:00 PM.

You may RSVP by emailing me, or go on the tnliberty.org web site and click on the RSVP link. You can also download a pdf version of the flyer of the event which lists specific legislative issues that are to be discussed.

Please come out and show our elected representative that we care about the right of the state to demand that the federal government not stray beyond it’s legal constitutional powers.

JR, could you please provide a link from the LPTN web site?


-Fred Childress
President – Tennessee Liberty Alliance

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” – Edward R Murrow


Event Canceled:


Due to poor response I have had to cancel the Lincoln Summer School. I
regret that. Your tuition will be refunded to you in this morning’s postal
mail. I hope this cancellation does not deter you from participating in
future schools. The next few will be one day affairs instead of two, and
all of them will deal with Southern Culture and Liberty.

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