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August 16, 2009

As we are rightly concerned about health care, the media and the American psyche is focused on what long term effects it will have on the people of our nation. There are other things that will have just as great an impact on our future that are happening now and I will keep you up to date on them.

The first is the distortion of the economy which is showing signs of improvement. One of the best quotes I have seen relating to this is the following:

The second is education, as we around the nation are preparing our children to go to school, the school system is not preparing our children for the 21st century and this global economy. The public education system is a failure from that stand point and it is costing us a huge amount of taxpayer’s dollars with terrible results. This is just another example of government’s involvement, state and federal, with the end result of feeding a bureaucracy

and not effectively nor efficiently doing the task they were suppose to be in charge of. (And they want control of the health care system?)

As the budgets continually increase for education and the student population becomes less intelligent over what they will need in this global system and how our system of government is suppose to work, what is happening to the investments of the nation’s dollars? Ask groups like the NEA (National Education Association) and the Federal and States Departments of Education. These entities have become so focused on supporting their end goals for their systems, the student’s education is secondary.

Upon talking to parents that are getting their children ready for school, they tell me how much they have to spend just to meet this year’s basic tools needed for school such as books and other materials required by the school systems. With the tens of thousands of dollars spent per student in our nation’s school systems, why is there more economic responsibility put on the parents who are already being burdened with the increased taxation by the education systems of the governments?

The answer is very basic, the governments have almost full control of it and there is little competition in the education system to force the governments to become more responsible to the students and families paying for these bloated and out of control systems. This is just another example of how governments’ responsibilities are geared towards the lobbying pressures and not the end result of their stated regulated responsibilities.

While doing quite a bit of research on our education system, I have come across a conservative group that is very involved with this issue of education and they are Pacific Research Institute. They are involved with many different aspects of our nation’s issues we are facing. Take time to look at their website and see all they are doing to impact the decisions made in our nation’s and state’s governments:

As far as education, I have been studying a PhD’s publications from this organization who has some great ideas in establishing competition to the public education system. Her name is Dr. Vicki Murray and this is her Bio and it will link you to the things she is promoting for the benefit of our nation’s education system and our young people:

It is time for a more conservative approach to educating our youth because the current state of this liberal education is leaving our nation’s children unprepared for the world set before them. If dumbing down is the intention of the current system, it is working very well. Without the proper education for our youth to be prepared for today’s world, they will be relegated to be just another worker bee in this world economic system and not leaders as our nation’s education system has produced in the past.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



August 09, 2009

While we are all disgruntled over this health care issue, which I have been too, the media hasn’t been covering the most important issue and that is the overall economy. I even got side tracked with this health care issue too because of its importance but I am back on track with it now because there are things that will affect each one of us in the future that is happening now.

The Federal Reserve, through its primary dealers, is secretly buying up our national debt with newly printed money. This will obviously catch up with us through increased inflation and deflation of the dollar:

While the jobless claims have dropped, even the current Administration still predicts un-employment to rise to 10%. Remember that only accounts for new jobless claims, this does not include people who can’t find a job or are not in the system anymore or under employed. Remember another thing, as we lose more and more jobs, there won’t be as many jobs to lose so the numbers will not be as large:

Although there has been a slight up tick in the housing market, Greenspan says there could be a drop coming in the housing market which will affect the entire economy’s recovery:

I have always looked at the most reported things happening, in the media, as a distraction from other things that can affect our lives and look else where for things the government is doing that will affect our lives.

There are some bright spots that are taking place and one of the brightest is the reduction of individual debit:

With the continued self serving attitude of the banking and financial industries protecting their bottom lines and stock holders, now is the time to take our economy back. Not only reducing our individual debit but begin, the best we can, to build up our individual savings. With the banking, credit card companies, and other financial institutions that have a credit ball and chain on us, they control the economy but with personal savings, we control the economy.

If we get in to the mode of buying only when we have the cash to spend, we will not only control the economy but that mind set will permeate throughout the economy and people will demand our government do the same. As long as we have the mind set of borrowing to get what we want “now”, we see what the government is doing as the same as what we do and it seems normal.

The other thing that it will do is to begin not only reducing the size of these banking and financial institutions but will reduce their influence of the economic power brokering, through lobbying, by these institutions for their self serving goals, by our government. Look at what they have done to our nation’s free enterprise system with their influences in all of these bailouts and governmental take over of our private industries.

It is truly in our hands now and with the government telling us we will have to live less because of the economy, it is time we do live with less by not using credit but save our money and spend cash. Don’t give it to the financial institutions, through borrowing, to promote their ever increasing influence on every aspect of our economic lives. We have to get out of the mind set; “We have to have it now”.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



August 05, 2009

As the pressure mounts against Obamacare, the White House wants anyone who sees any “disinformation” on his health care plan to report it to the White House:

What is the White House going to do with those names and organizations that post dissatisfaction with this socialized health care plan? What has happened to free speech, where you have to be concerned what you write on a subject and reported to the White House?

To further show the levels of concern for the true on this health care plan by the Administration, here is an article and videos to show how the nation is responding to this plan:–.html

Just incase you didn’t see the paragraph by paragraph breakdown of this health care plan:

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



July 31, 2009

I would like to present a letter written by my advisor on health care, Dennis Wolfe from Freemont California who has been in the health care and insurance industries for 33 years, to the US Republican Senators.  I believe his approach to health care is the approach that is needed for this issue. Let a regional true free enterprise system determine the services and competitive pricing structure for the health care system, not the government or huge international conglomerates, sitting in Washington or Manhattan. His approach to health care parallels my approach to my overall opposition to market control capitalism, whether it is being accomplished thru corporations “To Large To Fail” or government taking over private industries and private businesses.

I want you to pay attention to the real issue with health care and that is “Health Care Cost-Delivery Solutions”. Dennis is getting more and more nation wide acceptance of his approach and is appearing all over the nation on talk radio. I am so very pleased he has decided to support my bid for Congress for the 3rd District of Tennessee.

Remember: We are the people of the United States of America, not just a number on some spread sheet, on some bottom line in some corporate or government office. It is our very way of life this Obama Health Care Reform Bill will invade, it must not pass.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin


TO:                  All U.S. Republican Senators

FROM:            J. Dennis Wolfe

DATE:             July 15, 2009

RE:                   Health Care Cost-Delivery Solutions

This memo will help address the mass confusion existing in the debates surrounding our health care delivery system and related methods of cost-protection.  I encourage you to circulate this amongst the media in your various states because the ultimate solution rests with the decision that local citizens must make with respect to how deeply they choose to become involved.

First and foremost, anyone who comes out and says they are for health care reform or they want to reform our health care system is also saying they do not understand the system at all.  Reforming health care is another way of saying that they support a system that rations health care.

To reform health care means to change the way health care services are delivered and when they couple their arguments with the other misstatement that health care is too expensive, then there is only one logical conclusion and that is to ration health care services.

Using this phrase “health care reform” displays a remarkable lack of knowledge about the problem and I suspect many in the political arena use this phrase over and over.  They need to be called on it and you can prove this by showing the actual language in The Stimulus Bill, which is now law.  Over 10% of this new law is all about rationing health care services.  Therefore, when someone talks about how they support health care reform, they are also saying they support the rationing of health care services.  That is a formula for destroying our freedom as you will understand better as you continue to read here.

Real and true reform is correctly noted as health care cost-delivery reform.  Once it is properly labeled, the solution becomes easily understood and more reachable.  The first step in working toward a solution is to break down the system by its core components.  They are:

1.      Health Care Services

2.      Consumers

3.      Financial Guarantors

It is a virtual mathematical improbability and therefore an impossibility that creating a nationalized solution will ever work.  The reason is simple and easy to understand.  The current delivery of health care services is as close to an unregulated monopoly as is possible in America.

Two doctors with offices right next to each other and with identical specialties both charge the same per office visit and both drive the same cars – year, make and model.  One day one of the two doctors shows up with a brand new car.  The other doctor asks how he can afford it and the doctor with the new car simply says that he raised his per office visit fee.  The other doctor immediately raises his fees so he can also get a new car.  He does not lower them to become more competitive, thereby increasing business revenues.

All U.S. Republican Senators

July 15, 2009

Page Two of Four

That is the exact opposite of supply and demand, a monopoly.  The good side to this is that care is readily available and the old phrase, “When it comes to my health money is no object”, still has some merit.

However, as I previously noted, a nationalized approach by actions already made into law is a system that rations health care services by virtue of the federal government funding what the doctors will earn.  Both doctors in the example will not be able to afford anything new and instead will have to cut back on the services they provide.  Although money may still be no object in paying for care, the sad truth is that citizens who live in countries with nationalized health care systems already do have significant problems in getting care.  That is rationing.  As an aside, I cannot help but wonder how few people know that the Canadian system survives exclusively on the foundation of their importation of health care service from us.  If we nationalize, then they will most assuredly be forced to privatize so that they can import health care to us.

The solution in addressing health care services is to inject competition into the equation by breaking the system down to local areas of care, or what I like to call, regions.  Regions are easily defined.  A region can be a county, a group of counties, a part of a very large and densely populated county, etc.  An entire state that is more rural, such as Montana or Wyoming could each be divided into their own regions.  With today’s super fast computers available and loaded with the databases for all health care services, this could be done so fast it would make your head spin.  My book goes into great detail as to how to implement this and more importantly, how to govern it, hence my signature phrase – “Regionalize with Accountability”.

Once the delivery system is regionalized a cost for the delivery of care in that region can be just as quickly calculated based on the demographics of the citizenry in that region.  The beauty of this system is that all medical providers – from private practices to the largest hospital – would maintain the private ownership of their operations.   Once a cost is determined for a core level of services, every provider of health care services will know in advance and agree to what they will get paid in order to provide that care.

This is also the point where we bring consumers to the table.  They get to decide if the cost for services in their region is what they are willing to pay.  Once the core level of services is deemed adequate and costs are acceptable, everyone in the region will be able to participate.

Again, this synopsis is too brief to allow for all pieces of the solution to be detailed.  Suffice it to say that once services are defined in the region proportionate to the needs of the citizens and with their approval as to the costs they will pay for the defined services, then the final component now enters into the equation.  That is of course, who guarantees payment for the services.

All U.S. Republican Senators

July 15, 2009

Page Three of Four

Guarantors come from multiple sources – consumers by individual contributions driven by their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), employers who only pay for the cost of the employee AND NOT for dependents, insurers, and the federal government by virtue of helping to fund costs for children and senior citizens, etc.  To continue to grow America, we must face the reality that our federal government must play a secondary role by helping to reduce the burden of health care costs on the growing children of new families.  The same logic applies to senior citizens.  We owe it to our senior population to ensure they are protected and if their assets are not sufficient to offset the cost, then that is when the federal government should be stepping forward.

No solution will work that does not involve the insurance industry.   To administer the claims for any region you will need an entity that does already know how to process claims.  They can make certain that services are actually received for which they are billed.  By allowing insurance companies to bid like general contractors to administer these services, you not only save thousands of jobs, but you take away their ability to pad each level of expense with a buried margin of error.

Finally, to complete the guaranteeing of expense being covered within a region, insurers should still be allowed to sell insurance through two optional plans.  One option is to offer a lesser expensive product that can wrap around the region’s core plan.  This is similar to a Medicare Supplement but more comprehensive.  The second option is offer individual or group policies to citizens who want to opt out of the regional plan.  This will create an entirely new and competitive insurance market again, like we used to have in the 1980’s when our economy was booming.

This approach will lead to competition between regions as they work to keep costs down so as to attract new employers to the region, which in turn brings in more people, which will increase the affluence of the region.  Insurance companies will have “known” cost factors and will not be able to run wild with unsubstantiated rates.  Most important of all is that consumers will have direct involvement in the care they receive and not be fearful of having care denied to them because of rationing.

This is why President Obama’s and an out-of-control Democratic Congress must immediately be stopped from implementing a nationalized public option.  Although I agree that a public option is clearly important, if it is done at the national level, then our federal government will control the people through the rationing of services.

That takes us back to the original language of this synopsis.  This is about what health care reform is and perhaps this is why Democrats are pushing so hard for it.  They want control over our lives.  We just saw that the health care bill contained language that eliminated private insurance, which is exactly what President Obama has cleverly been saying.  He said many times that if you like the plan you have, then you can keep it.  What he did not say is more important.

All U.S. Republican Senators

July 15, 2009

Page Four of Four

He did not say that if in the future you want to buy an alternative insurance plan you will not be able to do so.  This is what is on Page 16 of the proposed bill.  President Obama did not lie but it raises the question as to whether he intentionally or unintentionally misrepresented what he knew was being written into the legislation.  This is more than worrisome.  The implications for America’s future are terrifying.  If his comments were intentional, then it is indicative of a merciless, power-driven individual who has a hidden agenda.  History is resplendently documented with many leaders who have been allowed to develop unchecked power without accountability by a naïve, trusting public.  If his comments were unintentional, then just who is minding the store at The White House or is controlling The President’s strings such that he is unable to protect us from an out-of-control Congress?  This is non-debatable.  It is one or the other, and frankly, neither option is very encouraging.

On the other brighter side, if providing a public option is implemented at the local level through regions as I have described in this synopsis, then private citizens – you, I, and we – control it.  This is why for 23 years since “The Sick Solution” was published, and on all radio shows wherever I am a guest today, I say that how we resolve the delivery of health care with affordable costs is how we move forward as a country.

If we do it the right way with all of us involved in the solution, then America survives as a great economic power and remains the world’s leading voice for freedom from tyranny.  If we allow President Obama to foist a nationalized plan upon us, then we face a rapid descent into socialism and soft tyranny.  Some say we are already there and I am becoming more hard-pressed with each succeeding government takeover of private enterprise to disagree with them.

Your constituents are watching how you confront the phony health care cost-delivery reform attempts and what you are doing – not “trying” to do – to stop it.  I know I am watching and till I breathe my last breath I will not shut up.  I ask you to do the same and show a love for this country not unlike what our founding fathers did to give this country to us.   There is no compromise on this issue.  Ben Franklin once said, Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,

J. Dennis Wolfe, Author

The Sick Solution


July 29, 2009

I am back from vacation and ready to, once again, expose the inequities that are facing our nation’s people thru my newsletter and campaign for Congress. This vacation was a true realization for me and the rest of my family, (it was a family reunion for my 93 year old father). What that realization was for all of the 70 plus family members was that all of the hassles and issues in today’s world, the family is the root of our existence both personally and with our nation. The strength of the family is stronger than whatever adversities we face. I know we hear a lot about the family but when you have an experience such as we had, it was a true blessing for all of us.

For you who have been reading my newsletter for sometime now, this is another person who “gets it”, as I have been writing about since 2005. This article, by James Quinn with the Market Oracle, is where he compares the current state of our nation with George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This guy has put together an article that has hit the nail on the head, it is an awesome read:

This article reflects the knowledge that I have had for a long time now, where we may have a two party system, the economic control is equal with both parties. While the public argues the issues with the Republicans and Democrats, the economic powers behind our political system continue down the consistent path of gaining increased power for themselves.

It started in earnest in 1999 when Clinton signed into law, sponsored by the Republicans, de-regulating the banking and financial systems. It continued thru the Bush years by not only the de-regulation but by virtually no oversight on the banking and financial systems. Then came the Patriot Act which was the most egregious attack on our personal freedoms in our nation’s history. The continued reduction of Anti Trust Laws controlling monopolies until we have market control capitalism instead of a true free enterprise system. Until today where the government is taking control and attempting to control all of the major economic structures of our economy, health care (12% to 15% of our nation’s GDP), energy (cap and trade taxation and governmental control of how we live), corporations (banking, insurance, and auto manufacturing), and many other things to lengthy to go into now. These things happened throughout both political parties control of the Administrations and Congresses.

It is my promise to you my readers, the 3rd District of Tennessee, and the nation that I will dedicate my life to do all I can do to advance the goals of our people and reduce and eliminate the affect the economic powers have on the legislation that focuses the power of our nation into an ever smaller group of economic power brokers.

Because I am not a politician but a citizen just like everyone else in our nation, you can believe what I say for our sake.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



July 13, 2009

I know there are several articles of conspiracy about this group but I will give a recent fact of this organization that will give you an idea what they are up to and what they really are promoting. The one world government is on its way and they are promoting it in everyway they can. Who are they? The Council on Foreign Relations, read this article and you will see what I am saying:

Then I was sent this article by one of my assistants, Tina Henderlight, this will give you an even better understanding where the level of this one world government is at, this one is really unbelievable:

As you know me, I don’t buy into conspiracies but it is getting so obvious what is happening, I will include these types of issues in my newsletters when I come across them.

I will continue my stance of not reporting on conspiracies but substantiate my facts before I publish them. I just want everyone, I can inform, to understand what is happening to our nation and our future.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



July 10, 2009


The following lists of czars, I believe, are Un-Constitutional do to the fact they are unelected and they have not been vetted by the Congress. Each of the names you can click on and find out their background. I also hate the terminology “Czars” we are Americans not Russians. I have another name for them “Unelected Demigods” whose managing responsibilities include every aspect of our nation’s freedoms the Constitution already guarantees. We don’t need a bunch of self serving bureaucrats whose only reporting responsibility is to the President, remember we are still a Representative Republic, not a dictatorship.

Obama is proposing another Czar to oversee the Insurance Industry, which has always been the responsibility of the states, not the Federal Government. I just have to say candidly, “This is Nuts!!!” and extremely disconcerting.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin


Name Title Government position
Alan Bersin Border Czar Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, US Dept. of Homeland Security
Carol Browner Energy Czar Assistant to the President, White House Office of Energy and Climate Change
Adolfo Urban Czar Director of the White House Office of Urban Affairs Policy
Vivek Kundra Infotech Czar Chief Information Officer of the United States
Joshua DuBois Faith-based Czar Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Nancy-Ann DeParle Health reform Czar Director of the White House Office of Health Reform
Herb Allison TARP Czar Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability, US Department of the Treasury
Earl Devaney Stimulus accountability


Inspector General,
Gary Samore Nonproflieration Czar US Department of the Interior
John O. Brennan Terrorism Czar Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security
Cass Sunstein Regulatory Czar Director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Gil Kerlikowske Drug Czar Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy
Daniel Fried Guantanamo Base Czar Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, US Department of State
John Holdren Science Czar Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy
Melissa Hathaway Cybersecurity Czar Director of the White House Office of Cybersecurity
Kenneth Feinberg Compensation Czar

In addition the above officials, the Obama Administration contains several other Czar-level officials:



George Mitchell Mideast Peace Enovy
Dennis Ross Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia Advisor
J. Scott Gration Sudan Special Envoy
Todd Stern Climate Special Evnoy
Steven Rattner Lead Advisor to the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry


July 02, 2009

Through my travels in Tennessee I am beginning to see two issues that will truly hurt the efforts of the Republican Party in attaining control of Congress. These issues are the polarizing effect of different factional thoughts within the party and where is the fire that will bring the true conservative values to the forefront?

This is what had the Democrats up against the ropes prior to Republicans loosing the White House and the Congress, no unity within the party. Secondly, we are loosing the very foundation of this nation through government power grabs, so where is the outrage? We need to put away our conservative demeanors and get fired up. This is our nation’s identity, as we know it, and our sovereignty relegated to international economic regulatory systems. I don’t want to sound paranoid or melodramatic but at the rate things are changing it is imperative we come together in all political persuasions and fight this governmental control of all aspects of our lives.

I have also noticed that most of the people in theses grassroots organizations are from the baby boomer generation, who have seen what citizen action can do to change the direction of the government during the Viet Nam War. We don’t need to get to the levels it got then but the involvement of all the generations currently old enough to vote, must be aware of what is happening to this-the greatest nation in world history. We must relate to the younger generations about what it can be like if this current avenue is maintained. SOCIALISM at the least.

What I have been doing is reaching out to some of the most liberal groups in the nation, like Move On.Org., and tell them to put most of our ideals behind us and join together to correct the economic structure. As you have heard me say many times, without a sound economic system all else is secondary. The results of my contacts of these groups have been zero, not a one has responded to me.

This tells me one disturbing fact, it is more important with the single minded goals of people rather than unified actions to stop this diluting of our nation into a world system controlled by fewer and fewer of the economic and political powers. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!! This is happening to the GOP and if anyone thinks the GOP can win with the same old structure and thought process, you are wrong.

Look at the front runners for the 2012 Presidential election, you see any real change there? No, you see life long politicians that have been beating the GOP drum that has sent us into this financial disaster along with the Patriot Act which took away our freedoms like we’ve never seen. A new direction for the GOP has got to happen and that is the real adherence to the Constitution. All politicians say they are for it but in reality when they want something that doesn’t agree with it you see Presidential Orders or Czars or what ever political dodging they can use. Let us face the facts, the Constitution only comes up when it is a political advantage or changes the meaning of it, so it sounds like something it says and both parties do it.

This Constitution we all hold dear and following it as it is written, has proven the United States of America to be the greatest nation in world history, so why would we change the direction today? It is for economic and political self serving individuals and groups for their advantage, not the nation as a whole. There is no other reason, period.

I will not apologize for being fired up in this newsletter or my undying love for this nation and its people, this is our nation of “We the People” and we better do all that each one of us can to stop this direction or our children and grandchildren will be in a nation we wouldn’t recognize.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



July 01, 2009

Well folks this newsletter is going to enlighten you on various things the news media won’t run reports on. If you wonder why they don’t seem to report on items that affect our nation’s freedoms and rights, it is a corporate controlled news media in conjunction with the government.

Over the years the Anti Trust Laws and the Federal Communication Commission have reduce the effectiveness of these laws in allowing corporations, both media and industry, to become so large that the corporations with the most clout in Washington are allowed to dominate markets. This in turn allows their lobbying efforts to become law for their advantage.

Give you a quick example: There use to be 57 independent media groups in the country and now there are six who control most of the programming you and I watch and here they are:

Now you know this part of the political and industrial equation.

Then yesterday I had the pleasure going to a “Patriots of Tennessee” (a Glenn Beck 9/12 meetup group) meeting where a very talented lady, Patricia Wells, made an awesome presentation on Barrack Obama’s background. She has given me permission to display a chart on his background. Great work Pat and thank you.

On the home page look down on the right column and you will see June 30 and under it click on the “Connecting the Dots”. Then when the flow chart comes up click on the blue letters in each of the boxes and it will give you details of each subject. Keep checking back on this website because they present articles and presentations that are excellent on the preservation of our Constitution and the American way of life.

Finally, I received another email today from a member of this group and his name is Bryan Mumpower, which some of you may already know about this website but I didn’t, so I am sharing it with you. You have got to love the name of this website Downsize DC.

Thanks Bryan.

Please remember it is up to each one of us to tell everyone we know and our elected officials, the direction of this nation is heading is removing our protection guaranteed by our Constitution. Wake up America it is our nation not the political and economic powers controlling Washington DC.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



June 27, 2009

With all the government is doing to the very structure of our nation there is some recent history we need to reflect on. In the Republican Party I hear so much about Ronald Reagan, which things he did I agreed with and some things I did not agree with. But if you want to talk about a conservative view of what this nation should be, there is another man that had real conservative views and we don’t hear much about him anymore and that is Barry Goldwater Sr. I have been so impressed with his views of our nation I thought I would share some of them. Read these excerpts of his thoughts and tell me if we don’t need a true leader like him today.

    1. “Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.”
    2. “To my mind the single essential element on which all discoveries will be dependent is human freedom.”
    3. “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”
    4.The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.”
    5. Where is the politician who has not promised to fight to the death for lower taxes- and who has not proceeded to vote for the very spending projects that make tax cuts impossible?”
    6. “American business has just forgotten the importance of selling.”
    7. “I decided to run for governor because it is increasingly clear that Arizonais headed in the wrong direction under the current administration, … No longer can we burden the citizens of Arizonawith feel-good programs that produce minimal results. No longer can we spend money on legislation and executive orders that promote future political ambitions and produce nothing for the citizens of Arizona.”
    8. “Hubert Humphrey talks so fast that listening to him is like trying to read Playboy magazine with your wife turning the pages.”

Without a doubt this is one of his best:

I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is “needed” before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents “interests,” I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.”

His observations of government is what this country needs; self reliance, Constitutional authority, free enterprise, and true freedom to pursue our goals without government intervention.

I had the pleasure of meeting Barry Goldwater Sr. while I was in the Air Force. I was stationed in California at Beale AFB and I was with the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, working on the SR-71 Black Bird. Goldwater not only being a Senator,  was also a General in the Air Force Reserve. He came to fly our SR-71 trainer which he did. The thing that stands out most during his visit is when he flew it. The Instructor Pilot suggested to him that he needs to follow the flight procedures written in the manual which was suppose to be in front of him. He said, “Hell, I dropped that behind the seat a long time ago”. What makes this even funnier is to fly a SR-71, you had to be a qualified astronaut and he just flew it by the seat of his pants. What are you going to say to a General and a Senator?

So let’s look back to some of our past leaders that were guided by their love for this nation and not what much of our government has become, Self-Serving. Our nation needs real leaders not bag handlers for the economic elite.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



June 24, 2009

I have been busy with my campaign and haven’t written a newsletter in a while but I have been coming across things that need to be addressed. For those of you that don’t know what my campaign will be addressing, there are four major points I am focusing on that we, as a nation, need to address to put our nation back on track to be the nation we all know it should be.

These four points of my campaign are:

1.     The Economic System – Changes that are needed to bring our Free Enterprise System back to what made our nation the greatest nation in world history.

2.     Jobs – A new approach to bring jobs to East Tennessee and the nation.

3.     Health Care – A totally different approach to let the Free Enterprise System correct the system that we currently have and what the government is trying to do.

4.     Education – We have got to prepare out youth for the 21st Century and our current system does not prepare them for much.

Because of the complexity of all of these issues no one person can have all the knowledge to understand all that needs to be addressed to correct them. I have in depth knowledge of the economy and a new approach to bring jobs into East Tennessee and the nation.

I have a fairly in depth knowledge of health care and education but I have nationally recognized experts advising me on these two extremely important issues. I am so honored they are willing to give me advise in the details of directing these two major programs that will have a major affect on our nation now and into the future. Some of them I can tell you who they are but some because of their current positions can not directly acknowledge their support of my campaign and issues I am promoting. I can tell you, all of them are very concerned Americans and are worried about the direction our nation is heading. A heart felt thank you to all of them and as time goes on you will know who I can mention their names but the ones I can’t, I am truly humbled by their support.

For you that have read my 2005 Essay “THE UNITED STATES BECOMING A THIRD WORLD WORKING CLASS IS IMMINET”, which I have attached several times to my newsletters, I have found an article which was reflecting a 1969 article that was written by a Rockefeller Planned Parenthood official. It parallels much of what I wrote about in 2005 and I didn’t know this article existed until today:

One thing I have to address before I close this newsletter, in meeting all sorts of people through the travels of my campaign, I ran into something that just floored me. I was talking to a 17 year old about what I am doing and he asked me if I was running for mayor or something. I answered, “no I am running for US Congress” and he didn’t say anything for a second so I asked him, “do you know what that is?” His response “no, what do you do in that job?” I was so taken back with this I had to explain to him not only what it was but what they did. He could tell me in detail what was popular in music, video games, and other “popular” things that is happening now but did not understand what the basic function of our nation’s government is. He is graduating from high school next year and how is he going to compete in the 21st century?

This is a travesty and this is why education is so important for the future of this nation. We may be loosing a part of this current generation through ignorance and that is why we must turn this education system around for our youth to be competitive in the 21st century. It is competition in the education system that will turn it around, not the Federal Government mandating what is taught through their bureaucratic super structure, which controls the education system. The same mentality is true for health care.

Finally, you have heard me speak about Troy Derengowski and his talk radio program out of Richmond Indiana on WHON called Talk Back. If at all possible, between 8:00am and 10:00am EDT Monday thru Friday, listen to his show. You may hear some local issues there but most of his shows have nationally recognized people who are experts on various topics that affect all of us. His show is what talk radio should be, letting people call in and talk to these experts on all sorts of subjects. He doesn’t screen the callers as most of talk radio shows do but allows you to speak what is on your mind. He has a 8 second delay button for anyone that says inappropriate things but I have never heard him use it and I listen to him about everyday, so you can speak your mind. For streaming audio go to and click on “Listen Live”. It is worth your time to listen so do it and you will find that you will be glad you did.

I would like to welcome all my new subscribers to my newsletter, contact me anytime you want through my website,, it is updated almost daily so go to it and see what is new. You can also follow what I am doing and write me on Facebook under Greg Goodwin and on Twitter under TennGreg. Thank you.

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin


June 15, 2009

This newsletter is to announce a speaking engagement I am doing tomorrow. I will be presenting the details of my four major goals of my campaign. I am very pleased to be speaking to the Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty group in Chattanooga.

My four major goals for my campaign are:

1.     The Economic System – Changes that are needed to bring our Free Enterprise System back to what made our nation the greatest nation in world history.

2.     Jobs –  New approach to bring jobs to East Tennessee.

3.     Health Care – A totally different approach to let the Free Enterprise System correct the system that we currently have and what the government is trying to do.

4.     Education – We have got to prepare out youth for the 21st Century and our current system does not prepare them for much.

If you live in the Chattanooga area, come to the Campaign for Liberty meeting and listen to what I have to say and ask me questions regarding my goals or anything else that may be a concern to you.

Location:     Ryan’s

6734 Lee Highway

Chattanooga, TN

Date and Time:      June 16th, 2009      7:00pm to 8:30

Candidate for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



June 12, 2009

Here I am in your mailbox again. There is so much going on that has a direct impact on our lives, I need to report it. It is up to all of us to stay as knowledgeable as possible, so at election time in 2010, we can vote out the old and bring in the new people who have the nation’s best interest in their legislative pursuits, not just the economic elite.

Ron Paul’s HR 1207, bill to audit the Federal Reserve, is picking up more momentum. It is now up to 207 sponsors for the bill. It is getting to a point where Pelosi, Frank, and others in the leadership have to respond to the will of the people. The other politicians have to do something because of the outcry of the American public for this disaster the Federal Reserve helped in creating.

It shows us when the people get involved with issues in our government things can happen for the benefit of the nation. Politicians do know no matter what lobbying power is putting pressure on them, it is you and I who that have the last say so in the voting booth. I truly hope and pray the American people will get more and more involved with what is happening to our country and put pressure on all of our elected officials to work for us, not the lobbyists.

If the Federal Reserve was audited as any another private corporation, they would be out of business. Remember they ARE a private corporation with very little oversight. The sounds of logic and understanding are coming even to the main stream media:

I think eventually the Federal Reserve will have to become truly more transparent or the outcry of the public will remove all of our politicians (hey that’s not a bad idea).

Now I am going to put my 25 years of research of the economics behind the political system, speculating what I think is or will happen when the Federal Reserve is exposed and controlled. Even though the Federal Reserve is a private corporation who operates through their prime dealers and you and I cannot buy stock in it. The economic elite, who guide the Federal Reserve, I believe, already have an escape plan to continue their control of our nation’s economic system and 80% of the world’s economy through the G20.

These avenues for control are called Sovereign Wealth Funds and Private Equity Funds. These are secret investment groups that have literally no regulation on them and have no boarders to which they operate. They continue their anonymity through economic pressures on nations and markets through their enormous amount of capital they control. These entities have to be as transparent and regulated as any other economic entities that have so much influence in the operational functioning of the economy.

Incase you don’t know what they are, here are their definitions:

Definitions and back ground on the Sovereign Wealth Funds:

Definitions and background of Private Equity Funds:

I know many of these types of funds are where big investors go because of minimum regulation. If they were really concerned with anything but their own gains at any cost, they would welcome regulation to keep the entire economic system from failing, as we have seen in the recent past, like hedge funds over speculating on the housing market. One day I will explain why they don’t.

Republican for US Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



June 09, 2009

In case you didn’t see it, Newt Gingrich spoke to the Republican Senate-House dinner last night, so here is the link to see it:

I watched it and got inspired until I realized something, what is going on here is the battle of the great orators. Both he and Obama have a great command of public speaking. Don’t get me wrong here, I agreed with most of what Newt was speaking about but remember when the Republicans had the White House and Congress they turned their backs on and didn’t pay much attention to what the banking and financial was doing to our economy. The de-regulated mind set, while they were in total power, lead us to this financial disaster we all are experiencing.

Both parties were at fault for this disaster and until the regulatory structure, in the banking and financial industries, are meaningfully put back into place, things will not change and Newt did not touch on the subject at all.

It all starts with lobbying and campaign finance reform. Until we get the huge amounts of money out of the political system or have them produce things like “Economic Impact Statements” and expose what the true end goal is from their economic influence, we will be relegated to what the economically powerful direction will be for their advantage, not ours.

I was invited by Senator Corker to call his office to discuss the points I made in the letter I sent to him and the other Tennessee Federal elected officials, which I have copied that letter a few times in my newsletters. I was not so much disappointed but that talk I had with his staff just verified what I already knew. Washington lives and responds in its own world with little regard to what is truly going on out here in the country, when they are supposedly watching and administering over for the nation for benefit of the nation as a whole.

They are so focused on what is happening here and now, they either don’t see or don’t want to challenge the very reasons of why things are as they are. Those things are the Federal Reserve destroying the dollar and economic structure for the benefit of the financially powerful, the huge amounts of money injected into the government by lobbying influences, and buying the favors of the politicians in their election campaigns.

Until these things are put under control by public disclosure of their influences and regulate the stream of money flowing into Washington through lobbying and campaign financing, nothing is going to change for the betterment of the American people, period.

Common sense is gone out of Washington and replaced with economic influence for the benefit of the few economically powerful.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



June 07, 2009

There is something happening that gives me a partial good feeling that shows free enterprise can once again prove why it is the only way things can be turned around. I am not getting the full excitement of what is happening because how it came about.

What I am speaking about is that Roger Penske is buying Saturn from GM.

This is how free enterprise works and it supports a major platform item I have in my campaign and I truly believe in. When a company is not performing, no matter of its size, it goes into a managed bankruptcy and the different parts of that non-performing company is sold off and someone else takes that part and makes it perform as the market dictates. The major problem with this particular GM and Penske deal is that the government is directly involved with the deal and not fully the free enterprise system at work.

This is an avenue that should be taken with the banking and financial industries. Not by the government but letting the free enterprise system work through bankruptcies and selling off different aspects of these institutions to make smaller and more efficient business groups. Not by injecting billions of our tax dollars into companies that are “To Big To Fail”. Then using our tax dollars for bailouts and letting these companies use our tax dollars to buyout other banking and financial institutions at bargain basement prices to increase their size even more and having even more influence of the overall economy and the government’s legislative powers relating to these markets.

These are perfect opportunities to reduce their size and influence in our economy and allow free enterprise flourish through true competition which is how this great nation’s economy of ours was based on.

I am going to push for re-establishment of anti trust laws which categorizes what a monopoly is according to the percent of market share a company can control. First starting with the banking and financial industries which should be scrutinized with not only the percent of what each of their ever growing sizes and market shares but also investigate the influences they had on this financial disaster this country and the world economy is going through.

Until we get these companies under true regulations, we the American people will be relegated to what ever these economic influences will pursue for their advantage, not the economy as a whole. If this continues as it is now, their constant influence in our government will leave a smaller and smaller group of the financial elite controlling the economic structure of our nation. Add this to the ever growing influence of the international financial regulatory system being established through the G20, 80% of the world economic structure will be controlled through a system of an ever shrinking group of economic power brokers.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



June 02, 2009

As I have watched this transgression of the capitalistic economic structure to governmental controlled economy, we are now facing the most dangerous time in our nation’s history.

This is not about Democrat, Republican, liberal, or conservative issues, this is about the very foundational control of the US economy. By what we are seeing in the banking, financial, and now the automotive industries, the government is taking a leadership role in all of these areas, this has got to stop or we will be facing total governmental control of everything.

I am now going to tell you what the basic issue is that has caused this dramatic change in our nation, it is simpler than you think.

In the late 70s or early 80s the business schools changed the way they taught business. It went from a long term steady growth mentalities to a short term maximize the profit mentality. In other words, what I call a spread sheet mentality that evaluates only numbers not the heart of the business. The heart of a business is not only understanding the numbers but an in-depth understanding and knowledge of a business and market places they are in.

With this spread sheet mentality, corporations began hiring MBAs (Master of Business Administration) to run their corporations. They understood numbers but did not understand, in depth, the businesses they were in. This lead to evaluating the entire function of a corporation by the numbers not by the full understanding of their markets these MBAs were put in charge of.

The end result is what we are experiencing now, great bottom lines for the last number of years with the almost total liquidation of our manufacturing base, which had in the past made the United States the most powerful economic engine in the world. No matter what rhetoric you hear, 70% of our nation’s economy is made up of consumer spending and without the good paying manufacturing jobs and the continue allowance of illegal alien work force (who sends most of their money to Mexico), the American dream is becoming America’s nightmare.

We have seen that a service economy cannot sustain the standard of living the manufacturing based economy provided. The proof of that is look at where the prosperous nations are China, India, and other Southeast Pacific and Middle Eastern nations. We gave them our technology and manufacturing resources on a silver platter and now we have to beg for our money back from these nations with strings attached, as loans to our government.

This was accomplished through short sighted business mentality, tax incentives to move our industrial base offshore, and the accumulation of a smaller and smaller group of economic power brokers directing the government for their advantage. If it doesn’t stop we will be relegated just another country of people with little power in this new world economy.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin


PS: My website should be up in the next day or two.


May 29, 2009

Hello again folks, I have been working on a campaign video that has been consuming my time. I can’t believe it has taken hours and hours of work for a 4 minute and 54 second video. Now that it is complete, I hope to have it on my website, which the website is currently in process to be online soon, thanks to Bryan Haddock.

With all that has been happening with our newly developing government controlled economy, we need to not only look at what the government has been doing but another very important aspect of the economy. That is what I have wrote about many times and that is the reduction of the anti trust laws that govern the size of corporations that control most aspects of the key parts of our entire economy.

Without these laws, that have been relaxed over the past number of years, these huge conglomerates have been able not only to control large aspects of the markets they are in but have huge resources to directly influence, through the governments local, state, and national, the laws which were in place to protect the economy from the very things that are happening. Their self serving laws and deregulation to enhance their financial positions with little to no regards for the economy as a whole, is what has lead up to this current financial disaster.

In order to better understand how the financial system works in our current state of “Capitalism” (this name has become a word for market control, I would rather use the words “Free Enterprise System”) I found this article that gives a very comprehensive outline how the market system really works.

I know this is a blog but with over 25 years of study I have done in the economics behind our political system, this guy is right on. This system has to be changed to be more competitive, competition instills innovation not only in the product or service that is being done but in the costs involved in doing business. Not controlled by the most economically influential, which is the current state of our economic situations.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



May 24, 2009

As these difficult economic times continue to impact us, there is another mortgage reset that is about to happen that will cause millions of people further economic stress:

Tell me if I am wrong here and where is the common sense in all of this? The government has basically taken over the auto industry and directing them in how to run their businesses. True they have been given billions of our taxpayer dollars to bail them out but compared to the banking and financial industries trillions of taxpayer dollars, it is pocket change.

Why can’t the government make the banking and financial industries just freeze the current interest rates on all home mortgages? This in itself would stop these resets in interest payments and millions of people would not only have a consistent budget to live on in these troubled economic times but would save many people their homes from foreclosures.

The answer is, the banking and financial industries have so much political power in Washington, they will insure their financial prosperity no matter what hardships it causes the people of this nation. That not only includes mortgages but they will use any level of taxpayer dollars that will insure their viability. This has been very evident through these trillions of dollars of debt they have caused this nation’s financial future.

Don’t believe the rhetoric you hear how all of these bad risk people shouldn’t have gotten these mortgages. The banking and financial industries knew what would happen by issuing these mortgages but they also knew Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would stand behind these loans.

When the laws were changed to allow these mortgages to be issued, it was like a shark attack and the entire banking and financial industries made trillions on these law changes. Then when the housing industry fell apart, they went to us, the American taxpayer, to bail them out of their unregulated pursuit of short term gains with no regard to long term ramifications.

This has got to stop and it is going to take real leaders in the political world to stand up against these economic power brokers in Washington and expose the corruption and self serving tactics they use to insure their economic future, while they are taking away ours.

On this Memorial Day Weekend let us not forget the men and women who died fighting for this the greatest nation in human history. As always with our fellow citizens, when our country needs their service to protect us from things that will cause our nation harm, they are willing to give their very lives to save it. There is no greater sacrifice a person can give our nation. Let us all think in our minds of the millions of simple white grave stones with a small American flag on them. That is what lets us all know of the fellow citizens that have fallen for this nation’s future. God bless them all.

Also remember they swore an oath, fought, and died to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, so help them God. Let us not forget it is God and our Constitution that has made this country the greatest country in human history. Let all of us commit to these, the two most important things we have and insure they are up most on our minds when we think and respond to our nation.

May God comfort the ones who sacrificed their lives and their families and may God bless each one of us, the heart of the United States of America.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



May 15, 2009

In case you didn’t see my announcement for my candidacy for the 3rd Congressional district in Tennessee in the Chattanooga newspaper the Chattanoogan, here it is:

One thing I found that just keeps my head shaking in disbelief is this article that shows just how ludicrous our government is getting with our tax dollars:

I could have used that kind of money to get my campaign on track to go to Washington to stop this insane spending our government is doing.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



May 11, 2009

I was listening to Troy Derengowski’s radio show on WHON Friday morning and he spoke about an interview with Congressman Mike Pence and Chris Mathews of MSNBC. This was not an interview but an obvious attempt to promote the liberal agenda. I looked it up on You Tube and this is one of the most aggressive attacks on a conservative by a liberal I have ever seen. Watch this and you will see why MSNBC is always dead last in the ratings:

Secondly, I thought it might be interesting for you to see what the One World promoters are up to. It is about an hour long video from the Council on Foreign Relations but you will only have to watch the first 5 minutes and you will get the idea where they are coming from:

In both videos you have seen the “Global Warming” issue being spoke about (oh excuse me that is “Climate Change” this week). I would like to dispute some of the things these issues are claiming.

First of all, the glaciers are melting: They have been since the Ice Age 15,000 years ago. You don’t hear much about that issue lately.

Secondly, Polar ice caps are melting: The South Pole’s ice cap is growing at a record pace.

Thirdly, what happen to the Ozone Hole we use to hear about all the time? It is a natural function of our atmosphere. With the major weather systems on the northern hemisphere running west to east and east to west in the southern atmosphere, there is a layer of our atmosphere that moves to the south continually. The South Pole doesn’t have an ozone layer because the ultra violet light that penetrates the atmosphere there purifies the atmosphere that continually moves south over the pole. Ultra violet light has the natural properties of purification.

Fourthly, the temperature of the earth is getting hotter. More than anything the sun has more effect on the earth than most anything man can do (except maybe all out nuclear war). I continually receive the most current data on what is happening in the universe from NASA and Space Weather, currently the sun is in the lowest activity since 1928.

That means there has been very little sun spot activity and sun storms, ECT.  It has also begun a new sun cycle in December 2008 which should peak in activity in May 2013. How does that correlate with the earth’s weather, we know it has a great deal of effect. The next thing you will probably hear is that man has caused this sun’s low activity cycle.

There is more data I could write about to disprove this “Climate Change” and I might in the future. Realize this is just another attempt to control people, countries, and economies by another world regulatory system, as they are proposing for the world financial and banking systems.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



May 07, 2009

As the G-20 and many others have been telling us how warm and fuzzy this one world system will be, that we are all in this together, and other things to attempt of disarm and reduce our loyalties to the United States, here is another article that will you an idea of how people and governments around the world want to tell the USA what would be good for them at our expense:

As we continue to lose our autonomy to this one world system, I believe the current administration will be going it into warp drive to join these international governing and regulatory groups. With the end result of our position in the global community will be equal with all other countries, except of course the largest consumer nation.

I understand the world is getting smaller due to technology but my questions is why do we in the United States have to give up so much while much of the world is gaining economic and political power? Someone had to pay for this economic transition to this one world system and we are the ones who have and will pay for it. By shipping our industrial base out of the country, with the help of our government through tax incentives to do so, it supplied many countries around the world the economic base to compete for our sovereignty.

In other words, as they increase their economic position in the world economy and we are reducing ours, due to our industrial base being shipped off shore and we being the largest debtor nation, many more countries will have the economic where-with-all to influence our global and internal decision making processes. Bottom line, we are selling off our sovereignty for the benefit of the bottom lines of these huge international corporations and financial institutions, with the help of Washington’s unrelenting appetite to spend our way into indentured servitude to stronger economies like China and India.

Final thing, for you that live in the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee and other people in the East Tennessee area who are aware of Zack Wamp’s performance while in office, the Republican Liberty Caucus has asked me to attach a survey they are producing. Go to it and please answer the survey questions, thank you.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 30, 2009

I would like to tell you I will be on radio a couple of times in the next few days and if you wish to call in and ask me questions, please do. Tomorrow Friday May 1 at 8:15am EDT, I will be on WHON in Richmond Indiana whose parent company is from Chattanooga, Brewer Broadcasting Inc. Then on Wednesday May 13, 4:00pm to 5:00pm EDT, I will be on WFLI in Chattanooga Tennessee.

For WHON live streaming web cast go to or 903 AM for those in Indiana and click on the “Listen Live” button. You will be listening to one of the best talk shows I have ever heard, Talk Back with Troy Derengowski; he has a show that lets you speak your opinion, without being screened, except if something is not appropriate he has an 8 second delay button to bleep it out. If you wish to call in and ask me questions call 888-310-9466.

For WFLI – 1070 AM the show is called Tennessee Town Hall with Gregg Jester and Tim Price. I have never been on their show before but knowing Gregg Jester, it should be a lively discussion. Currently their show runs Monday thru Friday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm EDT. Currently they don’t have live streaming capabilities but for those in the Chattanooga area get involved with your political arena through their show. The phone number to call into the show is 423-821-3555.

I am looking forward to talking to you on these dates to discuss whatever is on your mind, relating to the current happenings with our nation both economic and social. It is our country and its people that are having issues with current power grab by the Federal Government. Tune in and participate. Thanks.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 29, 2009

I know we haven’t heard much about the economic condition of our nation lately because of the flu and things but we are still in trouble and the data is worse the expected:

Well the rats are beginning to be exposed. This following article has begun to expose the why Paulson, Geithner, and Bernanke did not want to tell us where as much as $2 trillion in TARP and Federal Reserve Funds have gone.  It is obvious that our banking and financial system is being run by “Good Ole’ Boys” who have self interests first:

Here is the list of corporate members of the CFR:

This why I have been asking where are the investigations, where are the hearings, and the answer is the economically powerful have control of our government. To give you some additional background of the economic elite here are the primary dealers of the Federal Reserve, notice they are not just US based and financial institutions, and they are all international corporations promoting their end result of the one world economic system.

One other basic point you need to know and that is the Federal Reserve Board (a private bank) consists of only seven people (only five now, two empty positions) who direct our entire monetary system. This is the current board:

My whole point is there is not enough transparency and regulations overseeing our financial system from the Federal Reserve to the huge international corporations that have too much influence in our nation’s financial affairs through closed door meetings and the lobbying system. That is why we need true lobbying reform and term limits on politicians and judges, to break up these close knit economic power entities that have their interests first, then the nation’s. If you don’t have a sound banking and financial system as a nation, there is very little the nation can do about anything. Except as we have seen in the number of years, go into debt to the point we are all burdened with debt the nation cannot get out of without major changes in how the banking and financial system is governed.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 26, 2009

Cartoon from 1934 Chicago


Does look familiar? Take a close look at what that character is writing on that board. This was sent to me by one of my subscribers, thanks Kelleigh.

This whole economic disaster was caused by a few criminal capitalists, not the capitalistic system or I would rather call it, the free enterprise system. The problem with the few that caused it was and still is in charge of the very basics of our economic system, the banking and the financial industries. It just shows how horrible things get when the economically powerful have full access to our political leaders through the lobbying system and behind closed door influence.

With the level of economic disaster the world is experiencing, where are the hearings and investigations on whom and how this came into fruition? We see hearings on the end result of them with financial and corporate leaders but not a one oh how this ball started rolling. This is a good example the level of influence these economically powerful people have in our government. We no longer have a government for the people and by the people, it is a government for the highest bidder.

I am attempting to prove a hypothesis of mine and that is, there is a basic economic power center that is influencing many areas that control many aspects of the world dealings. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but I believe there is a direct connection between the financial world and this socialistic movement that is taking over the industrialized nations of the world. Here is one good example:

I believe through my years of research, this economic power center are and have been the basic influence in the financial issues, the environmental issues, and the socialistic movement that is taking over this world. It has been in progress for years and we are now seeing the result of it in all aspects of the world dealings. If you want to see the background on why I believe this, ask me for my essay I wrote in 2005 and it will give you the reasons why I believe this happening.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 23, 2009

As time goes on there is less and less talk about the economic situation because Obama has, with his speaking ability, soften the urgency for our economic problems. As I have stated many times in the past, after things have settled down with the bailouts and government control of corporations, inflation will be hitting us like a train wreck. We will be in double digit inflation by next year. Add this to the fact the jobless rate is through the roof, we are still in extreme trouble no matter how the government makes us feel. I am not the only one who thinks inflation will be a major issue by next year:

The real indicator of how we are doing is truly the American middle class employment levels. The middle class spending money has been the economic engine that runs our economy, it has made up 70% of the entire economy.

Different with this recession (depression for many) is instead of free enterprise correcting the economy, the government has jumped in and ran us into debt to a level where our future generations will be burdened with what they have done.

Add this to the fact our government, over the years, has given tax incentives for our industrial base to be sent out of the country, where will the recovery to the levels we all enjoyed once come from? Our best hope was from entrepreneurs and risk takers in a free enterprise system but with government going to increase taxation and fees on about everything, it really concerns me if these people will take that chance of new business adventures. Because of increase economic burdens through these government moves, we will not be as competitive in this so called “World Economy”. So where are the jobs coming from?

People will say “Green Jobs” and I agree it will have some impact but with the way the international businesses steal our ideas and make them in China and India, with no repercussions from our government on patent infringement, I ask again, where are the jobs coming from. We have proved a service economy cannot sustain a middle class economic level we have been use to, so where are the jobs coming from? It just seems to me that any way for us to recover to the levels we are use to, the government has stepped in and made it more difficult to use the obvious ways to make that recovery.

We can never tax and spend our way into prosperity, it only burdens our entire economy to an uncompetitive position in this “World Economy”. The answer, I am afraid, is going to be continued reduction of our standard of living for our middle class while bringing up the third world working class to an equal level to establish this “One World Consumer Class” I have spoke about many times.

If you think I am out there on this direction, a free enterprise system would have let these banks and financial institutions fail (controlled bankruptcy as GM is going to go through) and establish an economic system that is based on less risk and the overall size of individual corporations becoming smaller so if they do fail in the future they can’t say “If they fail it will affect the entire economy”.

Now the direction is the government is draining the very resources that could have saved the economic system as we knew, through taxation, inflation created by the Federal Reserve’s continued printing of money, and governmental control of the free enterprise system. Then it is going to be replaced with an economic system that will have huge influence by international regulatory systems. We all have to know, this is not the United States of America’s economy that has made us the most powerful economic system in the world, this is true economic socialism at its ugliest. Once the economic system is fully entrenched in socialism, then so goes the society.

One final thought which will get me put on Secretary Nepaleono’s watch list, (I am probably already there), join in these patriotic movements all across our nation and get your family and friends involved with them. It is obvious our government is not watching out for our well being, so as our forefathers did, bring this country inline with the reason we have been the greatest nation in world history, God and the Constitution of the United States of America. We still have elected individuals supposedly running our government, continue to write them, email them, and call them on bringing back to us the Constitutional Representative Government that document guarantees.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin


PS: I still haven’t heard from Corker or Alexander



April 16, 2009

What a great day the Tax Day Tea Parties were. I attended the one here in Knoxville Tennessee. I don’t know the official count yet but it was in the thousands. What I saw was a complete cross section of the American people from young to old, who were all there concerned about the direction of this great nation of ours. It proved to me the true American Spirit is alive and well. We even had the honor of a speech by Benjamin Franklin what reminded us all what our fore fathers intended for this nation and his presentation just verified what we all know, we are America, not the government. Our voices will be heard and the sanctity of God and the Constitution is what and will make this country what it should be once again, no matter what the progressives want.

They have control now but in 2010, in the midterm elections, the Americans who have the true understanding of what our nation is all about, will prevail. Until then it is up to all over us to keep the pressure on our elected politicians to resist this socialistic direction. I don’t think there are many in Washington that remember want the Constitution stands for and how to be fiscally responsible. It is time to remove them because most of them have no regard for the people they are suppose to represent, just flowing with the wind of the current direction to get the lobbying money to get re-elected.

It isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing, is just an exclusive group of lawyers and politicos that have a nice little club for their benefit, at our expense. It must and will stop before we lose our very right to vote for who needs to be representing WE the People, who have to pay for this insanity.

Even as they call us right wing radicals, I for one will wear that title proudly because compared to the socialistic structure they are attempting to initiate, all of us need to be prowd of being what we stand for, stop the spending, reduce taxation, individual freedoms, God and the Constitution as a basic belief for the betterment of our nation.

The liberals are doing all they can to stop our rights to accomplish real change, by using Home Land Security to call us potential home grown terrorists and to top it all off, calling our men and women returning from the military as highest on their list of potential terrorists buy joining the militia groups. This not only a slap in the face to them but to all of us who want our nation to be “For the People and by the People’. And yesterday Napolitano said she stood by the report who accused us of all these ridiculous things.

I see a potential thing happening that happen to me, and all my fellow military personnel returning from the Viet Nam War and that is the liberals trying to turn the nation’s mind against the very people whose job is to protect our nation, with their lives if needed. THIS CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!! To this day I truly get tears in my eyes when I see our military personnel get the praise they deserve returning from war. We were spit on when we returned and this can never happen to our military personnel ever again, they are the young and best our nation has to offer for our protection. God bless all of them.

This cannot be a one time only gathering, we must continue to meet and formulate a unified voice for the principals we stand for. I for one belong to three groups and the next one, at this point will be the Glenn Beck Meetup group on April 27, and place to be determined. This is the beginning of the true American spirit, once again coming alive and pursuing the very frame work our nation is founded on, The Constitution of the United States of America.

God Bless You All,

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 12, 2009

Okay folks here we go, I have finished my study of the G20 meeting held in London April 2, 2009. The global regulatory system has begun and here are the major issues they are going to implement. I am just shaking my head in disgust at what is happening to this great country of ours. We are being relegated to just part of a world economy (remember we use to be the leader), which by the way we are the biggest with less control of it anytime in our history.

Before I begin I have to tell you something I saw on CNN on Friday. As usual I look at the three cable news networks everyday to get the left and right lean of the broadcast media. Roland Martin was giving this diatribe on who we, the United States, deserves what is happening because we have been the bully on the block and the masters of deception in the financial world. You know Roland, go to some other country that has socialistic or communistic ideals and get the hell out of the United States of America. We don’t need people like you telling us about the values of our country, you’re a loser in the worst way. I won’t quit watching CNN or MSNBC or Fox because we need to know what the socialists, the far right, and the middle are doing. (Sorry about the rant but when I saw this I went through the roof)

Now back to the G20, I have tried to keep as clear and condensed as possible. These are the general guidelines they are proposing but first you need to see and listen to our leader, the President of the United States accepting the control of our economy to this international governing body:

Now on to what they are proposing:

1. A new Financial Stability Board: This is the official press release:

2. Financial regulation and oversight will be extended to all financial institutions, instruments, and markets, this includes bringing hedge funds within global regulatory net for the first time. I don’t know if this includes Sovereign Wealth Funds and I didn’t notice anything about the Central Banking Systems in this statement, either (I am still looking into these two). Additionally on the hedge funds and the derivative markets in general, the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 use to control these markets until the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, a bipartisan act, eliminated the laws regulating these industries that began the down fall our economy along with the rest of the world’s economy. Instead of all of this international control, why not re-institute the Glass-Steagall Act?

3. Members are committed to implementing tough new rules on pay and bonuses at a global level. How about an international group deciding what is going to get paid for salaries and bonuses. This is initially playing on the large salary and bonuses from the financial world issues but when will it start reflecting what you are going to get paid because it doesn’t specify who they are talking about.

4. International accounting standards will be set.

5. Credit rating agencies will be regulated in order to remove their conflicts of interest.

6. A common approach to cleaning up banks’ toxic assets has been agreed. This is a good one also. Remember this is how the bailout thing started under Bush and Paulson, where the initial $700 billion was suppose to do exactly this. Now after that money wasn’t spent on that and the Federal Reserve along with the Treasury has a total of over $10 trillion in liquidity pumped into the banking and financial institutions, this initial problem are still there. Where has all of this money gone? There is still $2 trillion neither group will say where it went.

7. There are also some regulations on tax havens for international banking institutions. It has things to do with reporting of tax information.

8. Then there are the monetary considerations for all of the countries involved and they will directed and regulated through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This includes $6 billion in gold sales from the IMF for loans to the poorest countries and new availability of SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) via a new overdraft facility. (this is a subject all unto itself, another time) and other things relegated to their control.

9. There issues relating to Global Trade, which is a system for countries to borrow for global trade.

10. The G20 has pledged to resist protectionism. This one is also extremely disconcerting because it is the World Trade Organization (WTO) which will be overseeing and reporting on what they think is protectionism. If you followed them for anytime you know they very rarely side with the US. They will determine if the laws we make in this country like “Buy American” is acceptable by them. This group is charged with, for the G20, any measures that constrain worldwide capital flows.

11. Although there is no new fiscal stimulus, Gordon Brown said G20 countries are already implementing “the biggest macroeconomic stimulus the world has ever seen” – an injection of $5 trillion by the end of next year

In conclusion: I know that some of my assessments are boarding on, what some people think, are conspiratory but I had that attitude reflected on my essay I wrote in 2005 and I have been dead on these economic issues we have been and are currently experiencing now. You be the judge where we are going, study it for yourself and tell me my errors in my judgment. Thank you for reading this, it is our future we are seeing being re-directed to a world socialistic economic structure. Controlled by smaller and smaller groups of international people and institutions, with little concern for “We the People of the United States of America”, except as consumers.

WE need to clean up our own mess, we are currently the leading power house of the world economy, let us and an honest group of lawmakers correct it not a world regulatory system (I know that is an oxymoron using lawmakers and honest in the same sentence) but it is time for our lawmakers to become accountable to its citizenry. Many of the nations in this G20 don’t like us or see it as a way of controlling us. (G20 member nations: ).

If all of us do not get involved and demand stopping this melting of our economy into the regulatory structure of this international group, through our elected representatives, each one of us that do not get involved will be at fault. It is yours and my country, do something, get involved, this is our future.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin


Reminder: I will be on the radio tomorrow (Monday) morning 4/13 on Troy Derengowski’s show “Talk Back”. You can listen on Live Streaming at from 8:00am to 10:00am EDT. I am not sure how long I will be on but I go on at 8:10. You can call in and ask me questions at 888-310-9466.

Side note: When I have made this announcement before, their internet servers have gone down because of either bad luck or volume of people on their servers, so if you experience this, keep trying.



Update: April 13, 2009

As I promised, I have received a response from one of our elected politicians, Zack Wamp, in regards to the letter I wrote to them. I haven’t heard from Corker or Alexander as of yet. For those who didn’t see the letter I sent to them, I have pasted it below his response. I will keep you updated.

Greg Goodwin

—–Original Message—–
From: Congressman Zach Wamp []
Monday, April 13, 2009 9:20 AM
To: Greg Goodwin
Subject: Message from Congressman Zach Wamp

Dear Greg:

Responsible Americans are tired of seeing their hard-earned tax dollars being handed out to those who have acted irresponsibly. The Troubled Asset Recovery Program was grossly mismanaged and the automakers are back asking for more money because the first bailout did not work. Democrats in Congress passed a so-called ‘stimulus’ bill and the President has proposed a record-breaking $3.6 trillion budget. Spending our way into prosperity is an ill-conceived thought and the wrong approach.

Washington needs to work together to put in place sound economic policies. I have introduced the America Working Families Tax Relief Act, H.R. 1805, that would extend the $8,000 home buyer tax credit to anyone buying a home and makes permanent three essential tax deductions that are set to expire. These are common sense ideas that will allow middle-class Americans to save hundreds of dollars and help move our economy in the right direction.

Many are questioning the role the Federal Reserve plays in our economy, especially as Congress has given the agency more control during this recession. I have cosponsored the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, H.R. 1207, which would allow the Government Accountability Office to audit the Federal Reserve. This would bring much-needed transparency.

It is good to hear from you again. I will continue to fight against excessive spending in Washington and advocate for a more conservative approach to solving our economic problems.

Warmest Regards,

Zach Wamp
Member of Congress

April 09, 2009

I have written out national elected officials, Wamp, Corker, and Alexander and the following is that email. I will email everyone with their answer, if they answer:

My name is Greg Goodwin and I live in the 3rd District in Powell. What is happening to this, the greatest country ever in human history is not only appalling but almost treasonous. With the economic system falling apart and injecting capital into the very structure that created this disaster, it is obvious to me that our political structure no longer controls this country.

You as an elected leader should be screaming at the top of your voice about the transgression against the very foundation of our nation, the Constitution. While our elected leaders sit back and allow the central banking systems to control the future of our nation into a world regulatory system, via the G20 structure. The patriot fervor is gone from our political structure and replaced with apathy and self serving motivations.

As in 1966 when our nation was at war in Viet Nam, I felt it was my duty, as a citizen, to support this country in its time of need. Knowing that it may cost me my life, I believed so much in maintaining this country’s future and the Constitutional government it stood for I joined the US Air Force and was sent overseas and fought that war from a B-52 and KC-135 combat base, in Okinawa.

As with our military personnel today whose dedication to this country and what it stands for are once again putting their lives on the line for this great country of ours. While they fight for our country, our elected officials have let all of us down. They allowed the banking and financial industries to lobby for virtually no regulation over those industries which in turn has caused this economic disaster we are currently facing. This is the fault of our current political structure, who has been more concerned with getting re-elected and a political career, than the future of this nation for all of us. You probably disagree with my assertions but the results, to this point, of this economic crisis prove my point.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is a corrupt lobbying system which needs more regulation, transparency, and accountability to the very people who put them into office and pay their salaries, remember us the constituents? With the largest transfer of wealth in world history by giving tax incentives to corporations to ship our jobs out of the country, the relaxation of the anti trust laws allowing monopolistic super corporations to form through acquisitions, and the deregulation of the banking and financial industries, we have found us in a place were our economic survival is now in great peril and could be controlled by an international economic regulatory system. Without a sound national economic system, all other aspects of our country are secondary, without a sound monetary system what else can be accomplished? The answer is obvious, not much.

Our fore fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, warned us how a central banking system would destroy the very foundation of this country and now our Federal Reserve (a private central bank)along with the other central bankers from the G20 countries are formulating plans for international cooperation for a world regulatory system. We are going down the path that many of our fore fathers warned against. If we are relegated to an international regulatory system, our Constitution will become a secondary document and with this internationally created regulatory system, it will have more control of our economic system than our own Constitution.

It is time for real leaders in this country to stand up and do all they can to stop this invasion of the very principles this country was founded on and stop the further reduction of the importance and impact of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Greg Goodwin

I will let all of you know what their answers are when they respond.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 08, 2009

As many of you know, one of my issues that need to be addressed is the ownership of markets by huge international corporations. As time has gone on, our anti trust laws have been relaxed to allow corporations to become extremely influential in our economy through their lobbying efforts and the amount of money they spend, on our politicians, to get what they want. They lobby for things that improve their economic status with little regard to what affects it has on the overall economy. This is what we have been seeing in our banking and financial industries when they say they are too big to fail.

Well there is another industry that has even more affect on our society and that is the media. The programs you watch are not only to entertain but to inform you. As the concentration of media ownership becomes smaller, so are the people making the decisions what you watch becoming smaller. To give you an example, there use to be about 57 different TV networks and now there is just a handful. This website will give you who they are and what they own:

This is data from 2001 and the following website will bring you up to 2009 on their ownership. Take the six giant media names and look them up on this, the most current ownership guide I could find:

As with the banking and financial industries, the propensity of self serving lobbying efforts becomes greater. Not only that but when you have a small group of people deciding what you watch and read, the promotion of ideals by these groups becomes less competitive in information and entertainment. This is not good for free market enterprise, this is why I call it market control capitalism.

Our politicians have allowed corporations to become so large, through the relaxation of our anti trust laws, they have direct influence on the very laws of our country, through the amount of money they can spend on their lobbying efforts.

That is why I state in my platform we either break them up or have an increasing tax scale related to the percentage of the market they own. I know this goes against some rudiments of a free enterprise system but with major control of a given market you do not have free enterprise, you have market control capitalism. If anyone of you wishes to discuss this with me, please email me and I will be glad to engage this discussion with you or if I get allot of emails thinking I am some kind of socialist or not a free market capitalist, then I will write in detail why I believe this. The two preceding examples should give you an idea where I am coming from.

Finally, I will be on radio Monday April 13 at 8:10 am EDT on WHON to talk about some of the things that have come out of the G20 meeting last week. I will be answering questions from callers, so if you wish to listen go to or if you wish to ask me questions call 888-310-9466 during the show. As I have said many times in the past Troy Derengowski has a great program called “Talk Back” Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 on WHON and everyone needs to tune in and check it out. He is a real American patriot and he sees what is happening to this great nation of ours and will let you talk about your feelings on current happenings, without screening the calls. He does though have an 8 second delay he can push if someone gets foul but other than that you can speak your mind. Check it out.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 07, 2009

Keeping up on the economic news that endangers our sovereignty I ran across this article showing how the central banks are slowly but surly moving to a one world currency. As I thought, after the G20 meeting things were going to start accelerating to join this globalization of the monetary system first, then a world governing body.

It is just a matter of time before we will start hearing of global governance through programs that will relate to the environmental movement. For you that doubt what I am taking about, keep this newsletter and review it when you start hearing of international carbon taxes, restrictions on what can and can’t be used in our everyday lives in regards to possible environmental hazards, determined by some international organization like the United Nations.

I know I am reaching out into the future and it may sound like a conspiracy theory but as you know I don’t buy into these theories but tracking what has been happening with the monetary system, it is what I believe will be the next step in the global governance.

Here is another issue confronting the future. We have all heard about toxic debits in the banking and financial industries and it started out at $700 billion bailout package they conned the American taxpayer out of, well here is the updated estimate from the IMF, surprise:

At this rate they will bankrupt the entire world and then guess what, they can start a new international monetary system, obviously this is just a result of things that could not be seen at the time of the housing bubble, and it just keeps on rolling down hill.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 06, 2009

To start this newsletter I would like you to look at this interview by Bill Moyers with William K. Black, a former senior regulator during the S & L crisis in the 1980s which was aired Friday the 3rd. He explains how we got into this economic disaster. This is the most comprehensive chronology of the reasons how we got into it. As you will see it hasn’t anything to do with a political party but how our government is for sale to the highest bidder, no matter what it does to the rest of us. (Please take ½ hour to watch it; it is a must to understand this economic disaster.)

After watching this, now you can see why I will be doing all I can do to get the lobbying laws changed, when I get to Congress. It also highlights another one of my goals and that is to re-establish the anti-trust laws that have allowed corporations, whether financial or industrial, to attain a size that can affect the entire economy. Once a corporation gets so large it has this affect on the entire country, where it is controls an entire market, this is not free market enterprise but what I call market control capitalism.

As we have seen after the G20 meeting we are heading into a One World Economic System, which will be predecessor to the One World Government. The following is the official statements made at the G20 meeting. You will see that the IMF is mentioned many times, it is the International Monetary Fund, which is a European based organization.

You will have seen SDRs mentioned in the financial dealings with the IMF and this is the current definition of their use;

Another thing that has come out of the G20 meeting is this Global Warming, Green Technology, Climate Change, or what ever this weeks definition of further control of economies and peoples of the world, through taxation and laws restricting businesses and people to a very confining way of existence. This movement is politically motivated much more than science. It is just another way of control through the economic powers of the world. I have been in science and engineering all my life and to study some of the ways they determined their results, it is obvious to me they designed the experiments to achieve the results they wanted.

I know I can hear it now, do I think it is okay to pollute the world’s air and water, of course not but do I think it is okay to make laws and taxation on data that cannot be fully documented and verified through unbiased experimentation, of course not, again. You hear of all these scientists say man is destroying the world but you don’t hear, without negative connotations, the scientists who say this climate change is a hoax.

Look, none of us want to destroy the planet but I don’t want our economy, business, and people controlled by another international organization either. There must be much more data before any international agreements can be considered. If you want to know what is happening to our climate, take a little time and look up the data of our earth’s atmosphere relative to sun cycles and you will have a better understanding of it than the politically motivated data from these organizations that want world control through this climate change stuff.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 03, 2009

This illustration gives credence to my forecast I stated in my 2005 essay “The United States Becoming a Third World Working Class is Imminent”, where the US will move economically towards a third world country while the third world countries will rise economically.

This will create a world wide consumer class controlled by an international group of economic power elite.

History will once again repeat itself, where power and greed will cause the destruction of the current economic state of the world, as did Rome, Greece, Babylon, British Empire, Spanish Empire, Germany, many more, and now the beginning of the modern world transitioning into the very same thing. The end result, as with the rest of history, will be total failure of the system followed by ciaos and a new understanding of an old greed and power structure.

The reason they think it will different this time is because of our instant world wide communications. The thing they don’t understand, no technology will do away with the power and greed syndrome they posses, which eventually will cause they to turn against each other.

As I was writing this newsletter the G20 has come out with exactly what I thought they would. You all have seen over the last number of months where the United States of America has become, not the leader, but just another country in this new world order. As people accept this positioning of the USA, relegated to equal status to all other countries (except as the largest consumer in the world) I am convinced the bankers and the rest of the One Worlders have attained a major step in the goal of world control.

I am sorting out all that is coming out of the G20 meeting and give you a detailed update within a day or so.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



April 02, 2009

As the G20 meets and decides the future of the world economic situation, things are happening here, in the US, which just blows my mind. As the banks continue their power grab for the control of our economic system, the FDIC has jumped into the fray and decided to possibly create a division that will take over private non-bank financial institutions. With the government taking over GM and they are now considering taking over non-banking financial institutions, as part of a new regulation program, what has our country’s government turned into?

While our government decides what businesses to take over, there has been questions and lawsuits to try to find out where all of this bailout money has been going and they are not telling:

Remember this article from December about the Federal Reserve won’t disclose where they gave out $2 trillion into the banking system.

When I start adding up all of this power grab by our government and the banking industry, it is obvious to me we don’t have a representative government anymore but an oligarchy power base that refuses to tell us the details of where OUR money is going.

I ran across an article which taught me a new phrase “slow burn” written buy Catherine Austin Fitts, this is a quick bio of hers:

Fitts served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc., an investment bank and financial software developer.

Fitts has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from the Wharton School and studied Mandarin at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She serves on the board of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and publishes a column, “Mapping the Real Deal,” in Scoop in New Zealand.

This slow burn is how the financial powers control the monetary system and here is her short article explaining this phrase:

Since this aggressive take over of the economic system, starting with Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, now Obama, the economic powers have pretty much completed the first step in the most egregious power grab in this nation’s history. Now that is almost complete, is now time for them to control the social structure of our nation. I believe this is Obama’s task to complete this aspect of this power shift in our country. With all of his initiatives with the environment, taxes, political correctness, and many other programs that will control the social fibers of our country, they will have completed the restructuring of most aspects of this country.

I can hear it now, Goodwin has gone off the deep end and fallen into the conspiracy world, nothing could be further from the truth. With 25 years of studying the economic system behind our political system, I have seen this transition of power and its coming to fruition. If by now you think this is just another “bubble trouble” in the economy, then you truly don’t understand what is happening.

The next step in this control of the entire system will come from the G20. As you know I have been keeping abreast of the happenings from them and some kind of world regulatory system, I believe, will come out of it. The central bankers are showing the real powers they have, it is above and beyond the very Constitution and laws of this country.

To give you a look at what one of the world’s economic power brokering families said over a century ago by the famous or better yet infamous banking family of Rothschild:

Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838: “Give me
control of the economics of a country; and I care not who
makes her laws. The few who understand the system, will
either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on
its favors, that there will be no opposition from that
class”. “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I
care not who makes its laws”.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 31, 2009

Back to what I do, keeping the middle class informed on many of the economic issues facing us and currently the G20 meeting on April 2, 2009. These articles are suggesting two things that just knocked me out of my chair, the Russians and Chinese are going to be promoting, for discussion, at the G20 meeting that seems good but look at what currency they are going to promote, it is not the dollar.

Now with the most unbelievable transgression of free enterprise I have ever seen, the Obama Administration basically fires the CEO of General Motors and justifies it because of the $17.4 billion they gave them, $22 billion they have requested, and it is because they didn’t like their recovery plan. What about the over $10 trillion, in direct cash injection and Federal Reserve guarantees, they gave the banking and financial industries with no recovery plan and no regulations to be imposed? These are the culprits which caused this financial disaster which we are in, not the auto industry but it is okay they continue their self serving ways to further prop up their bottom lines while the rest of the country goes down the tubes. Well, it should be obvious to everyone by now, especially with what is going on at the G20 and in this country, the central bankers and economic power brokers are going to control everything that relates to the economic basis of the world and this country. If you think that this is an over stretch of what is happening to the world economic situation, you will see what I am speaking of soon. The G20 will begin the process of world economic control.

In our country, the one world system began in earnest under Bush 1, continued to increase in development under Clinton, Bush 2 continued the dilution of our economy into the world system, and now Obama is setting the one world system in hyper speed. That is our elected leaders but the major push for this world control was first Allen Greenspan and now Bernanke. The central bankers of the western world have been meeting extensively over the last year formulating this plan of a world banking system and the G20 meeting will give us the first inkling of the direction they are going.

I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but believe me I have studied the political economic structure, in this country, for over 25 years and I know it is happening. If our political structure allows the world banking system to begin to regulate our economy, our Constitution is nothing but a piece of paper.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 31, 2009

I have written out national elected officials, Wamp, Corker, and Alexander and the following is that email. I will email everyone with their answer, if they answer:

My name is Greg Goodwin and I live in the 3rd District in Powell. What is happening to this, the greatest country ever in human history is not only appalling but almost treasonous. With the economic system falling apart and injecting capital into the very structure that created this disaster, it is obvious to me that our political structure no longer controls this country.

You as an elected leader should be screaming at the top of your voice about the transgression against the very foundation of our nation, the Constitution. While our elected leaders sit back and allow the central banking systems to control the future of our nation into a world regulatory system, via the G20 structure. The patriot fervor is gone from our political structure and replaced with apathy and self serving motivations.

As in 1966 when our nation was at war in Viet Nam, I felt it was my duty, as a citizen, to support this country in its time of need. Knowing that it may cost me my life, I believed so much in maintaining this country’s future and the Constitutional government it stood for I joined the US Air Force and was sent overseas and fought that war from a B-52 and KC-135 combat base, in Okinawa.

As with our military personnel today whose dedication to this country and what it stands for are once again putting their lives on the line for this great country of ours. While they fight for our country, our elected officials have let all of us down. They allowed the banking and financial industries to lobby for virtually no regulation over those industries which in turn has caused this economic disaster we are currently facing. This is the fault of our current political structure, who has been more concerned with getting re-elected and a political career, than the future of this nation for all of us. You probably disagree with my assertions but the results, to this point, of this economic crisis prove my point.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, this is a corrupt lobbying system which needs more regulation, transparency, and accountability to the very people who put them into office and pay their salaries, remember us the constituents? With the largest transfer of wealth in world history by giving tax incentives to corporations to ship our jobs out of the country, the relaxation of the anti trust laws allowing monopolistic super corporations to form through acquisitions, and the deregulation of the banking and financial industries, we have found us in a place were our economic survival is now in great peril and could be controlled by an international economic regulatory system. Without a sound national economic system, all other aspects of our country are secondary, without a sound monetary system what else can be accomplished? The answer is obvious, not much.

Our fore fathers, like Thomas Jefferson, warned us how a central banking system would destroy the very foundation of this country and now our Federal Reserve (a private central bank)along with the other central bankers from the G20 countries are formulating plans for international cooperation for a world regulatory system. We are going down the path that many of our fore fathers warned against. If we are relegated to an international regulatory system, our Constitution will become a secondary document and with this internationally created regulatory system, it will have more control of our economic system than our own Constitution.

It is time for real leaders in this country to stand up and do all they can to stop this invasion of the very principles this country was founded on and stop the further reduction of the importance and impact of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Greg Goodwin

I will let all of you know what their answers are when they respond.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



I would like to recognize a wonderful group of patriots I had the pleasure to speak to Saturday evening and would like to also say welcome to my new newsletter subscribers from the meeting. These folks belong to the Glenn Beck We Surround Them Meetup Group of Knoxville Tennessee, as I too belong. They, as many other Americans now know that our governments, state and national, are not diligently working for us, the people who gave them a job and pay their salaries. They are working for the people who contributed to their re-election campaigns, through the lobbying system and this current corrupt system must end. This is one of the major reasons we have gotten into the financial disaster, we are currently facing. These politicians are doing what the lobbyists want, not what is needed for the growth and stability of the American People.

I belong to this group and two others that are striving to put We the People first on the government’s reasons for legislation, follow the Constitution, and get out of our personal lives. They are Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Tennessee These organizations along with hundred of thousands of other fellow patriots around the U.S.A. are totally fed up with the direction of this country and are getting involved with real change for the people of the United States of America. Because I live in Knoxville Tennessee, I have joined the local groups but no matter where you live in the U.S. there are organizations, such as these, in your area. Even if you live outside the U.S., there are organizations in your country that want the people of your country to be first in your government’s decision making process, join them as we are here in the U.S. and strive for a better country for you and your fellow citizens.

On Tax Day, April 15th there are groups meeting all across the U.S.A. to protest the national government’s direction on what they are doing to the people of this great nation of ours. With all of the deficit spending the government is doing and the fact we all will have to pay for it, including our children and grandchildren, they are making a stand that “we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”. Join in this nation wide protest and let Washington know how we feel about what they are doing to us. Here is the national website, then click on you state to get involved.

Matt Kubic (thanks Matt) sent me this website which is a must see website for the patriots of this great nation of ours.

One final thought from me, the people of our country are in real trouble. Never in our lives have we ever been confronted with a more threatening time for freedoms and economic well being for our nation’s people than right now. It is up to all of us to take part for real change in this nation and we must let history record that the people living now took it upon themselves to bring the government of this nation back to the Constitutional rights and freedom that has made this the greatest nation in human history. GET INVOLVED, it is our duty as citizens of the United States of America.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 26, 2009

As I continue to follow what is on the agenda of the G20 on April 2, there are things that are very disturbing. Also what Tim Geithner’s plan to fix the banks is going to do to our nation.

First of all, Russia, China, India central bankers, and other central bankers are joining together at the G20 to remove the dollar as the world money reserve. These countries are proposing a whole host of changes to the world economies.

Tim Geithner plan to fix the banks will have the potential of bankrupting the banks which, I believe, would be followed by further justification to eliminate the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Another statement on his plan.

This is how the European Union is reacting to this plan.

As I have stated before, both parties are at fault in this economic disaster and to further prove that point, Obama’s choice to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has been put on hold because of his past support of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

This deregulated the financial industry which eliminated the regulations that were setup after the 1929 Stock Market Crash through the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. (Remember what I have shown you in the past, this Act was sponsored by the Republicans and signed into law by Clinton). Since its enactment in 1933 there had been 12 attempts to change that law by the banking and financial industries which had spent more than $300 million lobbying Congress to get it changed. It was finally changed with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999.

The biggest potentials of economic failure world wide are the Credit Default Swaps, Hedge Funds, and other complex derivative investment vehicles, who dollar value is set around (ready for this number) $1.5 quadrillion. These are numbers are unfathomable, which are all based on speculation in these markets which the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act deregulated, through the lobbying power of the banking and financial institutions.

Now the Noble Prize winning designer of the Black-Scholes model for pricing derivatives has seen the result of his model and is speaking out.

The exchange between this designer Marion Scholes and Paul Volker is very enlightening where we are:

Scholes finally got his free-market Chicago dander up over the possibility of synchronized global financial regulation—something that Volcker has been advocating as chairman of the Group of Thirty project on financial reform—sparking this entertaining exchange:

Scholes: If we internationalize everything, we end up with rules that stifle freedom and innovation. Mr. Sarkozy and others say our system has failed and we should adopt theirs. Do we want to become French?

Volcker: I’m not an acolyte of Mr. Sarkozy.

Gapper: Actually, the French banks are big derivatives users.

Volcker: The U.S. is no longer in a position to dictate to the rest of the world.

I know this newsletter is allot to take in this time but I tried to condense it as much as possible. The end result of all of these articles are the world financial system is in big trouble and because of what our government did, deregulating the financial and banking industries, the world economy is failing and the G20 meeting on April 2, I believe, will direct this world economy away from the U.S. dollar and reduce our influence in the world’s economic direction in the future. (For those who read my essay I wrote 2005, “THE UNITED STATES BECOMING A THIRD WORLD WORKING CLASS IS IMMINET”, it is becoming closer and closer to reality).

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 25, 2009

With all that is happening with our government, being directed by the economic lobbying structure in Washington and our voices are nothing but a faint noise in the back ground, it is time for all of us to get involved. There are many grass root organizations in this nation that are gathering together to collectively give “We the People” a voice so loud that our politicians cannot ignore us any longer. I belong to three of them that are doing just that. I would suggest each one of you join a group in your area that will share your concerns and bring Washington to listen to us. Not just the economic lobbying powers that influence every aspect this country is doing to recover from this economic disaster.

The three I belong to are as follows but there are many more and with enough pressure on them, Washington will have to listen to us, these are all Constitutionally based organizations and will have affiliates in your area: Ron Paul’s great national group. Republican Liberty Caucus, great national group. Glenn Beck’s, great national group.

These along with others will force Washington to listen to us, the people who are paying for this insanity. If there are other national programs who you think I should promote, please tell me and I will put them in my newsletter. I will also recognize them in my campaign for Congress.

Government, large international financial institutions, and large international corporations do not have the answer to correct this disaster but “We the People” and a true free enterprise system is the answer for the future of this great nation of ours.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 22, 2009

I just had to send this one, this whole bailout crap is really becoming ridiculous and this is why I keep saying lobbying reform is a must, these kinds of things are way beyond any sort of reason.

Do you have any question why we are in this economic disaster?

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 22, 2009

As I look around the world for economic articles that will impact us, it is obvious to me the acceleration to this one world system is going faster than I thought it would. The major issue that I am finding is China will become the world financial leader, not the United States. In the late 90’ and the early 2000s I remember telling my colleges and wrote about in my 2005 essay, my God, China is a communist country and if there is any issues with them, all China has to do is nationalize our industrial base and we are screwed. Well I was wrong, now that there is a world wide economic disaster along with the greatest transfer of wealth in human history, corporations with the help of the government through tax incentives shipping our industrial base to China, India, and many other 3rd world nations, China now controls the economic future of the world.   Here are a few articles that directly relate to this end result:

From Canada:

From England:

From China:

Have you heard the news media here in the US talking about China’s control of our economic future? Not much, because we being the largest debtor nation in the world and looking to China for more financial support, our media is not going to ruffle the feathers of they who are keeping the money flow into our government coffers.

If any of you want to blame the political game for these issues, Clinton, Bush or Obama, you are not seeing the true reason for the predicament we are in. It is the economic system (lobbying system) behind our political system that is at fault.

With changes that occurred in our business schools, in the late 70’s and early 80’s and the advent of spreadsheets, our nation went from a long term steady growth mentality to a bottom line, short view (1 or 2 quarters), to direct our nation’s business mentality. The spreadsheets have put employees and customers as numbers, not the people who have made these companies successful. By doing this one simple thing, it has taken the compassion, the previous leaders of business, out of the formula and replaced us all with numbers. If any of you have been involved with these spreadsheet mentality decisions, it is the coldest thing you will ever experience, with the numbers representing the very people who are making the companies viable, the employees and customers.

You add this to the self serving very complex investment instruments in the financial markets, the end result is short term gain with a long term disaster. That is where we seem to be at in this economic time of our nation.

There is away out this and it is freeze the government budgets where they are at and begin to reduce the size of government. There are many to blame for the government’s size and that is we all have become use to looking to the government for help. The only things they can help us with is follow the Constitution and have government do only what it states it is supposed to do.

It is time to let these huge conglomerate international financial institutions and corporations fail. Mange their down fall (as it was suggested for the auto companies) and re-instate the past anti trust laws to never let a corporation so large they predict the entire economic system of this nation will fail, if we let them go down.

Over the last number of years the SEC has relaxed the anti trust laws to the point where these entities can control an entire market. This is not free enterprise as they are so willing to state when corporations buy out their competitors. This is capitalism at its worse and we are now seeing the result of market control capitalism. It is up to our, so called elected leaders, to begin legislating laws that will not let these corporations become so large in their size and economic influence. When I get to Congress, this one of the main issues I will push for, true lobbying reform.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 18, 2009

You know I just shake my head with all these things our politicians are saying about the AIG bonuses. I know it was ridicules the way they did what they did at AIG with their bonuses. Let me caution you about something, we don’t want to get the government involved with managing private businesses more than they are. I agree what happened with the AIG bonuses is not right but do we want the government dictating to private business how they pay their employees. I understand because this was bailout money they shouldn’t have given them out but government will, as usual, pull a knee jerk reaction and pass laws that will not only affect AIG but all businesses from now and in to the future.

The government, in either party, has not done anything to protect our economy. Over the last several years, by accepting lobbying money for the lobbyist’s goals, they have de-regulated not only our financial industry but big international corporations. That is the reason we have seen our industrial base shipped out of our country and financial industry has treated the economy as their own private monetary slush fund. That is where anything to make a profit, with no economic responsibility, has caused this financial collapse, not only in our country but all around the world.

The deregulation and tax incentives went to hyper drive in the 90’s when both parties not only deregulated the financial industry but began to give corporations tax incentives to move out of the US. Clinton, Bush, and now Obama along with Congress made the perfect storm for bringing this economy of ours down. As I wrote in my essay published in 2005, “The US Becoming A Third World Working Class is Imminent”, is heading in that direction. (If anyone wants that essay, email me and I will send it to you). As the laws changed and promoted the largest transfer in wealth in human history, our industrial base left the country. With that transfer of wealth it brought the third world countries up while bringing down our economic status in the world, with the end goal of moving the world to an equal one world consumer class.

My end goal is for us, the people of the United States, to bring us back to the economic status the two previous generations gave us, a vibrant and growing economy. Based on true free enterprise and people who benefit from their works and not having to be controlled through taxation and socialist directions that are currently being promoted. It is our country, not the politicians and lobbyists that are promoting these self serving ideals.

I am, as most of you are seeing, the people are getting involved through grass root movements, to change the mind set in Washington and in the States. As more and more people are becoming involved with our country’s direction, the true American spirit is rising again. Can’t you see it and can’t you feel it? What a great time to be alive.

Republican for Congress, 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



As everyone knows, who have been receiving my newsletters for a while, I said I would update you on the happenings of the G20 meeting on April 2. Well they have begun floating some balloons in the media to give you an idea of what they are up to and here are a couple of items to give you an idea:

As I have stated in the past, while the economic structure gets down far enough, people will accept anything to get them out of this mess. This is going to be their answer, a world economic governance that the central bankers and economic elite will have the controlling positions in this new structure. The problem here is with their influence in deregulating the financial industry, through the Gram, Leach, and Bliley Act of 1999 which Clinton signed into law, they are the ones who created this disaster and now they are the ones that are going to be regulating this new system? Nothing like having the fox guarding the chickens.

Incase you didn’t see this video, I am presenting it again for those who are new to my newsletter and those who missed it. It was sent to me by Chris G. and it gives a great example of what the definitions of governments are. It is only 10 minutes long but gives you a break down of the types of governments that we have seen throughout history. I believe, we in this country are paralleling what Rome went through.

This is why it is imperative that all of us get involved with the direction this country is going. It is up to each one of us to do our part in telling our elected officials in Washington to establish laws for the benefit of our people and the free enterprise system which has benefited this country since 1776. Not the current direction, having government involved in so many aspects of our personal and economic lives.

Republican for US Congress 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 14, 2009

You know, with all the gloom and doom relating to the economy there are things happening around this country that makes me feel more American than I have ever felt in my life. These things I have been seeing and participating in are the American people getting involved with our country’s political system. I know people, to some degree, have been involved with the political system but not like what I have been seeing. What I have been seeing are the grass roots movements taking shape and organized to become political forces in our future government.

What we have seen from the current political structure are the extremes. Under Bush we saw the neo-cons take over the Republican Party and use 9/11 to justify the most egregious attack on our personal freedoms through the Patriot Act. Now the current batch of Democrats are leading us straight into socialism, where the government is attempting to control every aspect of our lives, like the global warming issue and the carbon taxes that will follow, based on politically motivated data.

Then both parties were involved with the financial laws that deregulated the financial industry to a point where it has caused a world wide economic disaster. These are the extremes that were enacted through the powerful lobbying system with little regard to what effect it would have on us, the American people who have and will pay for all of this insanity the government has done. The current structure of both political parties has got to change because the American people do not have the voice in government as they should, as the Constitution states: By the People, For the People, not by the economically powerful lobbyists, for the economically powerful lobbyists.

Over the last few weeks I have been seeing those changes coming through these grass roots movements I have been attending. People in this country are tired of politics as usual and want a major change for our benefit and you know what folks? It is going to happen and I couldn’t be more proud of this nation as I am right now.

Get out there and get involved, there are like minded groups all over this nation and in your local area, all of them are accessed through the internet. Get involved, go to the meetings, share your thoughts with other like minded people, and put together programs that will influence the government for our benefit. One of the best ones, I have found, is where there are many different groups of all political persuasions listed on that website, but there are many others also, so take the time and get involved with our nation’s future, it is our future that will be affected by your participation. It is time for us stop being politically correct and aggressively pursue the things that are best for our nation’s people and businesses as a whole, not what the government wants to promote.

Join me and others to guide our future with a new direction for this-the greatest nation ever formed in human history, with God and the Constitution guiding our path. God Bless Us All.

Republican for US Congress 3rd District of Tennessee 2010,

Greg Goodwin



March 13, 2009

If you have been reading my newsletters for a while you know that Ron Paul is the person, I believe, who has the formula to fix this country’s economic and political problems. As we have seen in the last election the news media and the Republican Party did everything to discredit his platform and anything else he stood for, even though he was running on the Republican ticket.

Reflecting back to what his total stance was all about and currently the direction he is tirelessly promoting, it has become obvious to more and more people believe he has the solution to get this country back on track. Where the government and economic responsibility is for the people of this nation as a whole, not just the economic lobbying powers that currently controls everything in Washington and promoting this one world system.

I came across this article that just freaked me out. It shows the level organizations are doing everything they can to shut his movement down. Watch out America, if you speak to much against the government’s direction you to will be put on a terrorist list, this shows you the level things have gotten to. What about the Constitution, you know, freedom of speech? What is happening to our country?

Greg Goodwin



March 11, 2009

Remember the Obama bailout had to be signed before Pelosi went to Europe and no one had the time to read it. Just sign it and everything will be birds, butterflies, and rainbows? Well now even their Democratic friends in Congress are uneasy with the so called economic recovery plan. Why, because no one knew what was in it and because it was the Democratic way to fix things, it must be okay. Now after everyone has read it, oh crap, their political career is in jeopardy, as it should be. I love this one:

One thing we all have found out, taxes are going up on everyone, not just the people making over $250,000 a year, surprise, surprise. Knowing the tax and spend mentality of the Democratic Party why should anyone be surprised? As long as you’re alive, you will have new taxes to pay.

Carbon taxes, cigarette taxes (those evil smokers), gasoline tax, ect… just to name a few. With this country in deep recession they think the only way to prosperity is to tax and spend our way out of it and it is for them. It gives them more and more money for them to blow on worthless programs that go more and more towards socialism everyday.

On a selfish note this will be good for my run for Congress in 2010 because by then every Democrat will be on the rails being run out of town. This will allow a new breed of Republicans into office, like myself, who believes in people’s abilities and creativity to get this country back on a sound economic base once again.

The reason I say new breed is because in the last eight years the Republicans looked almost like Democrats, larger government and huge deficits. The only thing they did economically sound was to reduce taxes but they spent the money anyway, when they didn’t have it. That is why we need a new breed of Republicans in Washington, not only to reduce the impact of government in our pockets but leave us alone so we can pursue our God given abilities to prosper and reduce the size of government to balance the budget. Then once again the US can be the leaders in business and government, to show the world we are not just a bunch of blood sucking capitalists where the bottom line is the only thing that matters.

Greg Goodwin


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