Hamilton County Libertarian Party (TN)

May 20, 2009

Hi folks,

I apologize … I’ve not been in touch much in the last two weeks due to being sick, and then working 100+ hours over the last 9 days on a project with a very, very tight deadline. I just noticed that the location of this month’s HCLP meeting was not correct … we are actually meeting at the Ryan’s on Lee Highway this month.

We will be discussing harnessing the energy from the Tea Parties.


I’ve updated this Meetup. For more details, see the full listing:

When: May 23, 2009 7:00 PM

Where: Ryan’s Restaurant
6734 Lee Hwy.
Chattanooga, TN 37421

If the changes affect your plans to attend, please take a moment to update your RSVP. (You can RSVP “No” or “Maybe” as well as “Yes”.)


April 23, 2009 HCLP Liberty Update

Friends of Liberty,

It’s time for issue #3 of the HCLP Liberty Update! I had intended to
send this out yesterday, but I ran out of time to wrap it up, so it’s
a day late. My intention is to send these out every Wednesday going

As always, if you know of something of interest to our group, send it
my way and I’ll distribute it to the group … or, if you’d like, you
can also just email libertarian-381@meetup.com and it will go out to
everyone in the group. This is an email discussion list, so feel free
to use it to ask questions or discuss issues as well.

*** 1. Tea Party – Thanks to everyone who came out to the Tea Party on
the 15th! As those of you who attended know, there were a LOT of
people in attendance. I’ve heard credible estimates of attendance that
range from 2000 to 3000 people. I know I saw a number of you there,
and I’m sure that I missed even more of you due to the size of the

Mo Kiah had a very nice banner made up for us prior to the event. I’ve
posted a picture of Mo and Dana Wilson holding the banner on my Flickr
account (http://tr.im/jvhe). The banner is also briefly visible in
WRCB’s coverage of the event (http://tr.im/jvhC). Because of this
banner, we had a number of people walk up and ask questions about the
LP. Dana also distributed approximately 350 flyers with information
about the HCLP and the LP to people in attendance. It is my hope that
we’re able to connect with many of the people and get them involved
with the HCLP!

*** 2. Chattanooga City Council – On Tuesday, the new City Council met
for the first time. Due to the election of four new members (Pam Ladd,
Andraé McGary, Peter Murphy, and Debra Scott) and the election of a
new chair and vice-chair (veteran Jack Benson replaces Linda Bennett,
who was defeated by Ms. Scott, as chair, and Manny Rico replaces Jack
Benson as vice-chair) the Council is quite a bit different than the
one that met just last week. Although there are no libertarians on the
Council, friends of mine that were involved with the Ron Paul campaign
supported Ms. Scott’s election, and it appears that she is going to be
a strong voice for fiscal responsibility.

As always, I encourage any of you who are citizens of Chattanooga to
attend the Council meetings, which are held each Tuesday night at 6pm
in the City Council building at 1000 Lindsay St. Although I was unable
to attend the meeting this past Tuesday (http://tr.im/jvmw) due to a
conflict, when I am in attendance I will cover the event live on
Twitter on the HCLP’s Twitter account (http://twitter.com/hclptn).

The agenda for next week’s meeting has not been posted online as of
this writing, but will be available at some point in the future at
this location: http://www.chattanooga.gov/City_Council/110_Agenda.asp.

*** 3. Facebook Page – In an attempt to find more ways to locate and
engage liberty-minded folks in our area, I’ve created a Facebook Page
for the HCLP. The address is http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pages/

*** 4. End the Fed Rally in Nashville – There will be an “End the Fed”
Rally in Nashville on Saturday (4/25) from 1-3pm at the Nashville
Federal Reserve Bank. More information is available at http://endthefed.us

*** 5. Audit the Fed Phone Call Campaign – On Monday (4/27) there will
be a massive phone call campaign encouraging folks in Congress to
support HR1207 (Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill). Visit this site for
more information: http://tr.im/jyL5.

*** 6. Legislation in TN that you should be aware of:

a. A resolution urging the United States Senate to reject the United
Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

View details here:

b. A resolution to affirm Tennessee’s sovereignty under the Tenth
Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and to demand the
federal government halt its practice of assuming powers and of
imposing mandates upon the states for purposes not enumerated by the
Constitution of the United States.

View details here:

c. A bill that prohibits the state from being required to participate
in the implementation of the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, which
mandates a national identification card for each citizen of the United

View details here:

Information for items #4, 5, and 6 came from Matt Collins of the
Tennessee Republican Liberty Caucus.

That’s it! Hope everybody has a great weekend!


Jeremy Clifton
Chair, Hamilton County Libertarian Party


April 15, 2009

Members of the Hamilton County Libertarian Party-the party of…  “Smaller Government, More Freedom and Fewer Taxes” , were among the crowd of approximately 2500 folks present during the Chattanooga Tea Party on April 15.

To watch video, click here and choose item # 3… “6 pm: Tea Party”


April 11, 2009 HCLP Update



2009 LPTN Convention – Speakers Update


In keeping with the Libertarian Party of Tennessee tradition of grassroots, bottom-up activism that enriches the notion of “government which governs least governs best,” it is my pleasure to announce the following speakers committed to participating in this year’s Convention:

R. Lee Wrights – Libertarian Party of North Carolina, Publisher of LibertyforAll. net, current Libertarian National Committee member, and former Libertarian Party Vice-Chair.

Angela Keaton – Libertarian Party of California, Development Director of AntiWar.com, former Libertarian National Committee member, and former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of California.

Ernest Hancock – Libertarian Party of Arizona,  Publisher of FreedomsPhoenix. com, former producer of  “The Charles Goyette Show,” and candidate for LP National Chair, Arizona Secretary of State, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

From the Libertarian Party of Tennessee:

Matthew Jeffers – Co-Founder and Chairman of Students of American Liberty, an East Tennessee State University recognized campus organization dedicated to educating the public about the U.S. Constitution.

Fred Childress – Co-Founder of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance, a non-partisan political organization dedicated to the principles of the U.S. Constitution.

Allan Wallace – Co-Founder of Outright Libertarians, a Libertarian organization dedicated to actively promoting Libertarianism to all those who love differently.

Scott Williamson – Outright Libertarians Nashville Middle Tennessee Coordinator.

I am very proud to have these Liberty-oriented organizations in Tennessee represented at our convention. The success of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee will be influenced by the support, collaboration and cooperation of liberty-minded, issue-oriented groups.  I am also thrilled to have Mr. Wrights, Ms. Keaton, and Mr. Hancock travel to Tennessee to be a part of our Convention. If you haven’t registered yet, please go to lptn.org to obtain the registration form. This is shaping up to be a very exciting weekend in April.

Very Truly Yours,

Tony Wall
Libertarian Party of Tennessee

lptn.org (Libertarian Party of Tennessee)

hclp.org (Hamilton County Libertarian Party [TN])

lp.org (National Libertarian Party)

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