Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, Waco, TX March 23, 2005

For some strange reason, many folks either haven’t heard of the SPP agreement or they just can’t see the forest for the treason (oops, I mean trees?). Many folks also have a difficult time discerning the difference between the definition of agenda and conspiracy. There are instances where both terms can be accurately applied to a certain event or agenda. The Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement is one of those instances.

How can any U.S. president (or other U.S. elected official) undermine the very Constitution they swore an oath to, and not be charged with treason for such an overt violation of their duty of office?

Answer: It’s easy, if that person’s (or group’s) agenda requires the , dismantling and destruction of the constitution to achieve their goal(s).

The following link takes you to the White House website. There are other documented SSP related articles on the same page. It’s one of the most recent “publicly announced events” to create the North American Union, and dissolve constitutional governance in this country. You just need to read between the lines.
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2 Responses to “Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement, Waco, TX March 23, 2005”

  1. moliberty Says:

    Until I get a more suitable title or nickname from you, I’ll address you as “TTW”.

    Thanks for the interest and reply. All I can recommend to get more folks aware of this predicament is to post links to these and similar articles on your blog and email them to folks that might(?) do their own research. As you probably know; two or three sources of any news article increase the relevance factor.

    I always post the authors/publishers names of the news articles with date and I make sure their attributes appear in the headline before mine.

    Thanks again

  2. tothewire Says:

    great post! more people need to read this!!!

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