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Nearing the end of Our Constitutional Republic / Mo Kiah / January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009

Some misconceptions need to be cleared up. First…The United States government is a Constitutional Republic; the founders knew of the detrimental results created by Democracies and Monarchies.

Benjamin Franklin quote… “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. A Republic is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”

In other words, the rule of law accompanied by strong compliance with the Constitution most effectively represents “The People” and puts checks and balances on our three levels of federal government to prevent tyranny from showing its power-hungry teeth and treating the self-governed as red-headed-terrorist-stepchildren.

Secondly… Congress receives 99% of bills or acts from their special interests. Congress doesn’t write bills any more (with the exception of Ron Paul and possibly a few others). They are dictated to by greedy, power-hungry fascist corporate lobbyists; Congress takes the draft, fiddles with it, adds pork to it, then they vote on it. End result? We get screwed again.

If anybody believes that a bailout “For The People” is what’s needed to set this country back on its correct path, well, it ain’t gonna happen. Stealing our compensation for services rendered to our employers…then turning around to redistribute the compensation to other people or entities is theft! I don’t like it when our employees steal from “We The People” to bailout some sorry-ass, incompetent entity. It degrades our country, our way of life, threatens freedom and liberty of the people. It also leads to an ever decreasing value of our dollar’s purchasing power at the expense of us, our children and grandchildren.

This bailout scenario is being pursued to usher in a global monetary system that will automatically justify the necessity for a global government. This incremental process has been in the works for over one hundred years. And unfortunately, it looks like everything is right on schedule. Do a little research on “Global Government”, “Central Banks” or “Global Monetary System” and see what results you retrieve.

These bailouts and the accompanying smoke and mirrors (by the way, the mirrors are fading to clear glass) being used to justify the repair of a doomed monetary system are no more than the continuation of an effort to crush the American self-governing process. I don’t take it lightly and “I will not go quietly.”

Democracy = Mob Rule, Constitutional Republic = Rule of law. The main problem is getting the lobbyists out of Washington. There’s 41,000 of them, so we have our work cut out for us.

Greg’s Newsletter, Keeping the American Middle Class Informed / December 12, 2008

December 12, 2008

Just to keep you informed, remember me saying many times that economic powers are getting smaller and smaller, concentrating this power into fewer and fewer people. This article is how Bernanke has shut out the presidents of the other Fed’s districts but I’ll bet you they listen and keep informed the New York Fed because they are the controlling district of the Fed. One question, what happens when the Fed reaches their limit on creating money?


It appears that there have been some investigations into this economic problem and who has been part of the scheme to save themselves with no regard to the fallout of the financial system. The same old thing we have heard about in so many aspects of today’s society and that is “I got mine”. These two articles, I believe, will be just the tip of the iceberg if these investigations continue.


Finally, the new big three are not the auto industry but are in the financial system. This article shows what the government’s bailout has created in the financial industry. All the focus is on the auto industry while these institutions are establishing control over the financial industry with government help with basically no restriction.


Greg Goodwin


Greg’s Newsletter / Keeping The American Middle Class Informed / 11-23-2008

November 23, 2008

I have been following two major things that are concerning me. The first is the results of the G-20 summit at the White House last weekend and the second is the Obama transition. Both subjects have been extremely interesting and I will show you why I am concerned.

The G-20 Summit at the White House and as usual, the media coverage of this was very little. Wouldn’t you think policies that will affect our future well being, with this financial crisis going on, would be a major news item? I guess not by their standards but this link from Dick Morris (a conservative and Fox News Contributor) will open your eyes to the financial regulation of our economic system which will now have oversight by a “College of Supervisors”. As I have said many times in the past, we will loose our autonomy with this One World Economy and now we are seeing the beginnings of direct control of our economic system by an outside entity.

This second website will give you an overview of what has been happening with the Paulson and Bernanke bailout and a letter sent to the G-20 meeting by two distinguished economists. “Economists Paul Davidson and Henry C.K. Liu “Open Letter to World Leaders attending the November 15 White House Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy”

Now the Obama transition, when I heard the choice of his pick for the Secretary of the Treasury, I knew at that point the One World System is going to be pushed by this President too. I already had that suspicion with his “I am a world citizen speech in Germany” and his stand on immigration. This link will give you an overview of who Timothy F. Geithner is and his background. The media has been praising him on he is the right choice for these economic times, when in reality he is the continuation of the current economic direction. Read his bio and you will see what I mean.

One final thing you should know, with all of the banking bailouts and record loses in the banking industry, guess who isn’t having any problems with their investment bank? You have to read this link to find out:

As you can see by this newsletter, the economic status quo is being maintained no matter who is in the White House. Politics are for the masses when in reality the economic direction, which controls everything we do as a nation, is maintained and directed by the same economic power structure no matter what. Politics give you hope but economics gives you reality.

Greg Goodwin