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2009 Tennessee Pork Report, June 03, at Coolidge Park, Chattanooga

June 2, 2009

Drew Johnson wrote:

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research is bringing our “Pork Tour” to Chattanooga and I hope you’ll attend, as well as help get the word out.

This free event will be at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga from noon to 2pm this Wednesday (June 3). At the event, we will celebrate the release of the 2009 Tennessee Pork Report by handing out copies and discussing wasteful spending of Tennesseans’ hard-earned tax dollars by state and local government.

We’ll have a complimentary pork BBQ lunch (a whole roasted pig actually) and our big pink pig mascot will also be in attendance for all the kiddies – so bring your entire family.

We expect a good media turnout as well, so it’ll be a great opportunity to show your opposition to pork spending and your support of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research’s efforts to advance liberty.

Please blog, email, Facebook, etc, about the event and invite anyone who may be interested.

Here’s the Facebook invitation:

Here’s all the info:

Host: Tennessee Center for Policy Research

Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Location: Coolidge Park

Street: 200 River Street

City/Town: Chattanooga

Phone: 615.383.6431


Join us for free barbeque in celebration of the release of our 2009 Pork Report!

The Pork Report is Tennessee’s only comprehensive, detailed examination of government waste and pork barrel spending at all levels of government in Tennessee. This year’s Pork Report uncovers over $500 million in waste, fraud and abuse of your tax dollars.

Nearly 100 examples of wasteful spending by state and local governments are exposed, including $9 million for an underground “Party Bunker” at the Governor’s Mansion, $2.3 million in bail out 11 financially insolvent state-owned golf courses, $1 million to study mice genes and $40,000 for unused phone lines.